[closed] Imalent MS18 / R90TS / Set interest list

In for 1 MS18.

read the info
leave your contact mail

wait for the answer - then say yes or skip (we contact you asap with the price)

(and i had to edit the form cause many send it epmpty???)

lol you forgot something, I think it should read:
“read the info
leave your contact mail
open a new line of credit
wait for the answer
accept the offer and cry over the debt
start to smirk and smile as it slowly dawns on you that you’ve just purchased a miniature hand-held sun

I submitted mine, can you confirm you got it? n@gmail.com

i think so ;)

Martin, do you know which 21700 batteries will Imalent be using in this? If it’s not too late, I recommend the Molicel P42A, which Mooch says hits harder and runs longer than the 40T in his test. It is also cheaper than the Samsung 40T so should be a cost savings to Imalent for a superior product

If Imalent plans to use highest capacity 21700 such as the Samsung 50E or LG M50, I suggest they look at the much cheaper Lishen LR2170SF that Mooch says beats the 40T and 50E and is also the same in my experience from my own testing.

They are probably using 30Ts in the Imalent MS18. Otherwise, other cells will be extremely underpowered for the 1200W+ needed for the light.

For the R90TS though, they might be using the same cells too.

Why I think? If they were using 4000mAh cells, they would be over the 100Wh limit.

I’m interested in the MS18. It’s dependent on the price though.
On my R90c one of the LEDs broke only after the second use.

Any updates on this? I ve been saving my money for the MS18 :smiley:

no news atm still wait to start production

I will definitely consider both lights, or maybe both heads with battery. All depends on the price we can get and your opinion verses the prototypes.

I’m surprised this thread isnt filled with happy members eager to get a good deal and buy these lights??. These lights are simply AMAZING. I fully understand how these arnt on the level of Acebeam or O-lights. But from the looks of their recent success I would guess imalent is closing the gap to the top tier companys.

How did it happen? Was it on Turbo mode and killed by heat?

Any news :smiley: ?

the lights will be shipped by end of this week from the manufacturer to the dealers

Neal waits for the confirmation then opens the Ordering

Is it too late to sign up? I just signed up last night.


still time to sign up

closed until more units available...

this is part of the mail i sent to all people on the interest list:

I will be out on ordering one due to unexpected events in my life hopefully someone will be able to get their hand on one in my place.