Closed Official Haikelite MT09R *UPDATE Now including TA's Pricing for Emitter Upgrades* Closed

I highly doubt they will retail those at that price. Shipping alone from China would already cost $10. Also the manufacturing cost of the charger is probably another close to $10. If sold and shipped together with the light, it would make more sense but shipped separately, I don’t know how they can burden that loss. I’m betting my 2 chargers will be cancelled and paypal refunded. But still I’m very pleased with the light so no regrets.

You can test this yourself as well. Take a kettle with boiling water (to make tea), it has to be metal of course. Exert a pressure with your finger on the kettle as if you want to push a button of a flashlight, so you need a certain amount of pressure for a fraction of a second. That’s it, it’s doable. Cheers man. :partying_face:

Xhp35 hi Version and Meteor should both do around 7000 Lumen. MT09R is like twice as big and gets hot faster than Meteor.

Could somebody explain that to me?

My only guess is, that Meteor step down way faster.

Both are XHP70.2 versions doing about 15000 lumens each.

This was my light that reached 100 degree C .
I left it a short time in tailstand on the table in front of me.

Measured with a laser.But the light seems to be OK,no damage.
It runs still strong .I bridged the springs with Sony VTC6 its over 15K Lumen in the first run with fully charged cells.

Never thought a light could get so hot in so a short time.
Many of my lights can reach 70 Degree C but never 100 .

It is not a really big problem for me .Couse i never let run such a monster light unattended.
This was only afew minutes in front of me.I didnt know it can get so hot.

Maukka measured a temperature of 96C with the Acebeam X45 (below the runtime graph): Acebeam X45 review with measurements (4x XHP70, 4x 18650)
The odd thing is that this temperature was reached only after 5 minutes instead of 15 minutes for the MT09R.

i understand most people are concerned with issues with their lights, but can we get an update on the chargers? I haven’t heard anything about them since the initial offer of this GB.

I have been going back and forth with Dale on my light (not working properly) and in his last email to me he mentioned sending my repair parts along with the charger. We are trying to get my light working and it seems that the chargers may be close to being ready (hopefully). Dale has been pretty responsive to my problem which is making me feel a little better about my situation…

nice good to hear.

yeah Dale’s communication here is really lacking doesn’t shines confidence toward their commitment.

It feels sharp but it wont cut through your skin it just feels sharp, i found that Convol L6 is less sharp.

I came here to learn what kind of voltage regulators does Heikelite use with XHP35.
The answer of “none” was a shocker.
The host may be great, but it really deserves a better driver.

Anybody knows how many Lumen the 70.2 can reach full constant regulatet with the 7135 Chips?

Is the whole mode group 1 (the muggle group) full regulatet . 5,5 Amps?
My light has 4000 Lumen max in this group (factory says 5K)

I have no issues with my light.
The temperature thing is not an prpblem for me,now i know how fast this light gets hot ,an if so i put it down.
Any uptdates to the 8x18650 battery carrier?
Im glad i have not bought the 35 Version.

Ok,so the mode group 1 should be full regulatet?


I think the mode group 1 is great for daily use.

There is no signal from the light when it goes in Fet Mod and leaves the regulatet range?

The regulatet range is high.Emmisar D4 or Thorfire Q8 only have one 7135 350ma ca. 150 Lumen regulatet.

When the chargers will be sent to us? It was said that it is the beginning of march…

The AMC7135 are rated til 7V. So they can not beused for 12V LED:

Noob question: so it’s not possible to wire two 7135 chips in series or something to power a 12V led?

I have, there’s no resistor on it. Just the LEDs wired in parallel.

That is one theory ,the other is the 3 XHP35 can produce 7000 Lumen but they forgotten tu pull of 20% for reflektor/lens etc.

Then you have 5600 real OTF Lumen .

Well, Haikelite doesn’t advertise in ANSI, so it’s also possible it’s just led lumens they’re talking about. I’ve always used 15% as reflector and lens loss. So 7000 led lumens results in 6000 OTF lumens. This also equals to 2000 OTF lumens per XHP35 emitter, which is just fine.

There is one thing i can not really understand.
Haikelite produces a prototype?
And then they test it in an Ulbricht sphere?

I have read(in the web) Haikelite is not good at measuring Lux.Someone from Haikelite has wrote this.

But how do they measure they prototypes?

And why is there no inspector who takes samples from the actual building process .

Bridging the springs on a MT01 is useless ,no Lumen profit.I think this is why i uses a boostdriver.

On Fet Drivers bridging the springs always gives a Lumen gain.