[Closed] Sofirn C01S with Nichia E21A 98CRI R9050/9080

Please update mine to:
1 × 4500K
Thank you

Concerning interest updates:

Everything updated so far until post #151.

Concerning sourcing E21A emitters:

Sofirn has not yet received any positive feedback from their suppliers. We still need to wait for them to answer their inquiry. As far as I heard, communication from Nichia in Japan back to their suppliers takes a while. I think it's worth for Nichia to have an open ear for BLF as E21A may be another great option for a HighCRI (mini) lantern.

A mini lantern may open up possibilities for enhanced red E21A’s. It’s just a shower thought, but what if Sofirn or the end user could program an additional red channel to boost the R9 values of the emitters?

put me one for 3500K

Can you please add my request for 2 items, 3500 and if possible 5000. If not possible then 4500

Sure but 5.000K is not part of the closer consideration, so I could put your second vote either into the "else tint" section or into the 4.500K section.

Absolutely. Let's better have this discussed in the LT1-mini thread to avoid any derailing here. ;-)

Then 4500


1 x 4500k or 3500k.

As others have said, an AA version would be brilliant and practical. Just thought I’d throw in my vote as well.

LP, I’ll support this some more and get 1 x 2000K as well. Hoping all the body colours will be available though.

I’m interested in 1x 2000K.

Please put me down for 1x 2000k.

Awesome! Thanks. I have a good feeling about the body colors but the critical point is to get those bloody emitters. ;-)

Is it a matter of cost?

No, a matter of communication backwards from Nichia to their suppliers and then back to Sofirn.

They are still waiting for feedback, so please have some extra patience with this light.

I’m interested in 1× 2000K.

BTW any estimates on the price?

I dont think I am on the list yet… put me down for one of each… thanks!

1 x 2000K
1 x 3500K
1 x 4500K

1 × 2000K
1 × 3500K
1 × 4500K
1 x 5700k

Not yet. But it will for sure be more expensive than C01S SST-20, just thinking of the higher price for E21A, the new optic and some driver adjustments.

Looking into my magic sphere I'd say, we may hit a price of $ 15.00 but it could also be a bit more or less, depending on the total volume produced.