Closed: The 4th Annual BLF / Old Lumens Scratch Made Light Contest - Winners announced!

It’s been 17.5 days since the contest ended. Anybody else getting anxious to see the results? :exclamation:

The buildss are so nice/unique/special/cool/hot/etc etc, why rank, the builds are the result :smiley:


Well, you’re right about that! :smiley:

yea, he is right, but we still need closure, lol


It is said patience is a virtue. I’m trying to be virtuous. I would actiually hate to be a judge as there is some very nice work.

I’m neither patient nor virtuous but I am a procrastinator and from that standpoint I totally get it. Just a suggestion but placing “winners announced” in the thread title at the appropriate time will save us from devouring updates like apocalyptic zombies. :wink: we need a zombie emoji.


Happy now? :slight_smile:

Thank you, my inner zombie thanks you too.

Thanks the . Theres not a lot worse than restless kids. :wink:
Also thanks for organising and putting in the effort running the show again. :beer:

congrats to all builders and thanks to the judges and everyone else involved - it’s been a blast watching this contest, and it’s been quite inspirational!

Thanks for running the contest
And the impartial judgment. Must have been extremely hard.
And a big well done to all contestants.
It was a pitty not everyone had time to complete there builds.
Thanks again .ltp

Will there be something this year? :+1:

Sure. I promised OL to arrange this contest every year and will keep my promise.

Stay tuned for more info. :slight_smile:


bump and thank you.

If time constraints are an issue (and when are they not?)

Maybe forming a committee to “get’er done” is an option?

wanting to spread the load and the active appreciation for OL’s legacy (let others help in honoring his efforts/effects) on the larger community.

Unless I am missing something.

Trying to help, but maybe I should but out?


Thanks for the offer. Time is always an issue, but I think I can handle this at least one more year… :slight_smile:

Contest is now alive: The 5th Annual BLF / Old Lumens Scratch Made Light Contest

Bump for inspiration