CN Quality goods

I have been waiting for my 22mm driver + other bits for 7 weeks now…

Giving him a couple more weeks to see if it arrives.

Tried putting the tracking number into 17track also stated the “tracking number was not found”…

Who knows?

Wow, their website has gotten a lot fancier since the last time I looked there.
I’ve bought stuff for years, with only a few minor problems.

I get the feeling it’s the little stuff they sometimes fail to send and don’t want to bother dealing with — I had one order for a few “lobster claw” clips showing paid and unsent in their system for around a year before they finally sent that. Persistent reminder email recopied verbatim every month or two finally got someone to send it.

But I like their lobster claw clips a lot, so I persisted.
(Nowadays I can find a cheaper lighter weight steel clip called “EDC” elsewhere (and more fragile zinc clips, beware of those) but at the time, none else)

I love these too…Could you provide a link for an alternative source please ?

For years, without any communication from Ric (not his strongpoint), everything arrived, sooner or later. One order, from his other website, went wrong last year, I’m not sure what happened to that website, he seems to have abandoned it. I have not recently ordered from

BTW, will works for you? I can’t even get to resolve the domain

try to add www.

Well obviously I tried, I tried even using and it’s reported down… so for you is up? If so I think his DNS have some routing problems to Europe…

Pretty much same experience here. However, one of the things I ordered (some years ago) were 8 protected Sanyo 2600 batteries. Some of them had just a transparent wrapping, while others had a Lustefire wrapping with a different button top. Meaning, the cells are not of the same batch. Not cool.

Still works for me (Chrome on Windows), dunno what’s happening…

Strange, it doesn’t work here….

I purchased several items from Ric and never had a problem. That said, I’ve never had to contact him.

Tried it 1 minute ago. And like Leroy Jethro Gibbs says: “Works for me”.

Site is working for me although it can be an emotional experience sometimes when you’ve placed an order then it’s down for a week with no coms.
I’ve been buying stuff from there for years, only had a couple of hiccups but always been sorted out in the end plus this is the only place i know of that sells o-rings for the DQG range of lights.
I put an order in a couple of weeks ago for a light and some bits & pieces and even got a working tracking notification email without prompting this time. :+1:

will find a lot of pointers including several topics here at BLF

as I said, beware of the zinc ones

Followup comments to: Claws from CNQG
Claws from CNQG | ’ Forums ’ Miscellaneous ’ Gear for Flashlight Carriers

EDIT, I bumped the “Claws from CNQG” thread with a new post, so you’ll find more there

Well, that was weird! When I tried “Loading... I got “not found” (in Chrome), then a second later the CNQ website appeared!

I tried ordering a light last year from his now defunct It didn’t ship for a month, when I contacted Ric he said he would ship it the next day…. he didn’t. Paypal refunded my money, Ric didn’t even try to respond to the Paypal dispute.

I guess his business strategy is to take money and hope that customers forget they ordered anything?

I made an order on the 2016-09-04, I didn’t get an order confirmation, but did get an email three days later :

Your order shipped by registered post

Tracking number is EXBHK1120011956YQ

The tracking didn’t say much :

Destination Country
Origin Country - Cache Time: 2016-10-04 19:22
2016-09-10 01:29 深圳, Leaving the sorting centre
2016-09-09 18:35 深圳, Arrived at sorting centre.

So I was pleasantly surprised when the packet arrived last week. Maybe I was lucky :question:

In the absence of communication people will speculate, usually in a negativc way. That site has never seemed to work as it should in that I never received email confirmation of an order but without fail always received the order. I won’t speculate on why the problems occur but haven’t tried to order from them since the site came back online. If it’s something only they sell then I just do without. They’ll just have to learn to do it right to get me back. No rancor, but no business either.

Seems to be out of commission again. The hostname resolves occasionally or with some retrying. I made an order on 1/17, they took the money, but no confirmation or communication since ordering. When I can get to the site it lists the status as “Unshipped.” No response to emails or messages on the site. I’ll probably give it another week or two and then file with my credit card to reverse the charges.

Placed an order with CNQG and paid with PayPal. PayPal confirmed the order. CNQG in my orders said it was unpaid for. Leaving it for a few days I then sent a message through my order at CNQG stating the order had been paid for. I still heard nothing from them for the next few days and then received an email out of the blue saying the order had been shipped. Go figure.