Coast-G10-Waterproof $3.50 US/Canada only : )

this is $5 to $10 off retail

here is the direct link to the site

spec from amazon

Product Specifications
Part Number TT7831CP
Item Package Quantity1
Item Dimensions
Weight3.20 Ounces
Length4.75 inches
Width1 inches
Height7.50 inches

Technical Details

  • Up to 20 lumens of light output and 6 hours of battery life
  • Crystal Reflector Tube System intensifies light output
  • Rear on/off switch
  • Lightweight and durable tactical aluminum casing, 3.5 inches
  • 1 AAA battery (included)

Filled out the form. Thanks!

ordered it when it was mentioned in another forum. come here, and see this light reviewed 2 yrs ago for $3.50 (link). so it wasn't a deal after all. hope they've at least upgraded the LED, whatever it may be.

Hey thanks!

Be aware that they might also send you a different light as it seems some people received button cell lights in the review thread posted. I don't see anywhere it says that specific light but just "free coast led light."

Can you please add to the title that its US/Canada only?



US/Canada only

i am hoping it's solid little light , i figure for $3.50 i can see what quality Coast has and get a good AAA. it has to be Much better than the POS $3 i got from dx.

also I certainly will not flip for high price Coast light especially if i havent touched one before. but after getting a couple Fenix lights i can justify buying them ( sorta, almost ) at least i have a feel for it i guess

one of the reviews compared it to a fenix E01 i think don did too

and i am not necessarily an AAA fan but they are handy ! and it wont dig to much into the glock fund

here is a review by a man controlled by an alien cat !! sry i had to !

It's going to have a really ugly beam but the build quality is superb.

Thank you for posting that informative review..... :p

Ha. Alien cat. I don't even have any AAA's.

Well it comes with a AAA battery ..

It's been reviewed . The emitter could stand to be upgraded .. seems as if there are some newer nicer nichia 5 mm emitters out these days ,, question is always is it worth modding a 3 $ light ...easy answer ... No ..

not a bad lil light

Wow, I thought the one I got several months ago was a joke. Seems to be a waste, imo. It puts out about the same amount of light as the button lights XTAR provides for free and pretty much the same insanely blue tint. I find it completely impractical considering what you can get inexpensively these days and not even worth the $3.00 I spent because of that reason. That's what I got anyway. Maybe they're better now.

Sorry for being such a Debbie Downer.

Debbie Downer needs company too. I sure hope they perform at least better than a button light.

G10 came in the mail today.

Ironically -- the pamphlet inside advertises a free flashlight... surprise!

got mine.

as described...high build quality, crap beam. instant gift.

oh, boaz, I beg to differ on the $3 light mod. if it is a very easy mod, or you end up w/ a result not otherwise easily obtainable, then its a go.

this is not in either category.

Ditto. Nice packaging though. Although it’s no brighter than a button cell fauxton the runtime should be far, far better. I gifted it to my fiance immediately after popping in the battery. She cycled it a couple times and pronounced, “the switch on this sucks!”. She tossed it in her purse anyway because she liked the look of it at least and said it might come in handy one day. She’s a keeper! :heart_eyes:

> "the switch on this sucks!".

> She tossed it in her purse anyway

Where the button will be pressed and the battery will die in silence.

You might want to get her something that can be locked off in the purse.

I ordered one last week, and I can’t wait to test it out and drive my wife and kids crazy with it. This will be my 6th flashlight—-how many do you have to have before you are a “flashaholic”; my wife says anymore than 2.