COB and driver recommendation

Hi guys, I have couple of heavyduty big reflectors almost 3kg of weight and I need to replace a COB’s and drivers on them.
Reflector dimensions : 28cm x23cm x14cm

I need recommendation for something budget frendly but trusted and true to specifications, the best it will be if someone have and buy from somewhere to recommend, It would be desirable that COB have real number of lumens that it is writing so if someone tested something please post here. Also driver need to be ok, not cheapest but not too expensive.

Old COB and driver that need to be replaced.

COB is about 40x40mm ( without metal piece below ) and 50W declared.

Driver is 28-36V with 1.5A…

I’m searching shop or place that do WW shipping.

Before going whole hawg, try it at low current to make sure all the chips buried underneath light up evenly, and that there are no duds. Otherwise it doesn’t even pay.

Ah, found it…

Hello vidramon.

Ask this member on BLF to order similar sized LEDs:

They have much better color reproduction, and even better efficiency.

I saw this video a month ago… I don’t have any kind of power suply with potentiometer so I can’t check this like this guy can.
I have some non working drivers for this COB’s that I need to replace, and have 1 working that I use for testing just to see does COB will turn on or not, this are not turning on so they are dead like drivers, and I need to replace all of that…

This is good start, CRI is not too much important to me here since it will be outside and will be used for lighting the road where people is to walk at night…
Important to me is that COB have good and the exact ( or approximate ) number of lumens that it is writing, that is good working and that will not die fast…

You will not have the same amount of lumens.

You’ll have more of them. :slight_smile: