Collecting interest for a Sofirn C01 host version

Interested in complete lights, posting to keep track :slight_smile:

There is some movement at Sofirn towards a new batch of C01’s with the high CRI 5mm leds that rngwn found. I have not heard any timeline though. If that batch happens I assume I have a good chance getting the hosts done too.

I am in for another 2 hosts, making it 4.

I was recently looking to get a new Fenix E01 to practice/attempt an LED swap for my aged and loved E01. Sadly found Fenix had discontinued it.

Was having trouble sourcing LEDs in quantities of less than 1000, found the high CRI Sofirn C01, got excited, then realised that had been a limited run.

Now a new hope they will start up a new run :smiley:

Four hosts unanodized - thanks!

How about quantities of 50?

You can still buy the E01. But it’s no fun removing the epoxy.

While awaiting the C01 hosts, another 5mm AAA light caught my eye for a possible host candidate.

SBFlashlight just put his Klarus lights on clearance and amongst the gems is the Mi02. It’s a great performer right up there with the Fenix E01. I’m probably going to pick one up and see about swapping the angry-blue Nichia GS with a Hi-CRI Yuji, while I await the next batch of C01’s.

edit - sold out of Mi02’s now.

Interested in one.

interested in 2

interested in 3

Interested in 4 hosts please!

interested In 2 please thanks

djozz, when we can expect this to happen?


I will ask Barry when a new batch of C01’s will be made. Sofirn is going to use the rngwn-sourced leds for this new batch, and I hope that the host version can be added to the production batch.
I get the impression that new things at Sofirn start happening only after chinese newyear so maybe patience is still needed.

Oh yeah, I forgot about that. Well plenty of alcohol in this period will help

Interested in 2 (possibly more and also other than black, if available).

If the new batch of complete C01 flashlights is produced in all rngwn discovered led options (including 2300K), I would prefer to buy them though.

I have no knowledge that Sofirn is going to do a 2300K version.

Added you to the list.

Me too please. :slight_smile:

In case that new C01 batch happens, I am not sure if I will keep my interest in the hosts, as I prefere the lights potted and not having to order the LEDs separately. However, as that is not a reality yet, I will keep my interest in the hosts for now!

I’m interested in 2