Compact flashlight for underground trips

When you say you want something more powerful, do you want exactly the same beam pattern but brighter, or do you want more spill, or do you want more throw?
Form what i can see on here the F1 is a standard 18650 tube light size with 1200 lumens from an XP-L giving about 16k lux. Lightning up long corridors implies you might be better off with a more pointy beam which means you’d be able to see further with the same power so it might be easier and more efficient size wise to get the right beam than to just go bigger and brighter.

Check the Jaxman X2 sold in AliExpress! It is a 26650 flashlight, 2 led options, not High-Cri.

Thanks, I know, but all of my options are 4000lm+, while way more compact than Q8 or SP36.

Thanks for your answer, which leds do you have in your MF01 Mini?
Isn’t C8F even heavier than MF01?

That’s true, however I haven’t found anything with one led, other than single SST40 or xhp 50.2 builds.
On the other hand all of my suggestions have more cd than Zanflare, especially MF01, so I think there should be improvement, event with wider beam.
Probably zoom would be perfect solution here, but I don’t know if there are any, that are more powerful than Zanflare, while being compact enough.

For sure I don’t want anything narrower than Zanflare, I think that going wider might be better option here, especially for taking photos, which should be more forgiving about unequal light (eg. using wide beam in long corridor), than about lack of light.

As was said, small multi emitter lights with optics don’t throw great and are more for lighting up large areas. You can swap the optics in something like a FW3A or FW4A (brighter than the ‘3’), but it still won’t be a thrower. The C8F is a 3 xp-l and has good output about 2800-2900 lumens and throws way better than a fw3A. It is roughly the same size as a C8 light. A Convoy S2+ could be another option with the sst40.

That’s likely not gonna happen, then.

I goggled the M3, and that’s rated 4300lm, and for a single 26650 light, that’s pretty damned compact. I can’t think of anything more compact than that that can put out that much light. Maybe a 10sec-wonder that immediately steps down from the second it’s turned on, but that’s it.

First, battery drain. 21700s are getting close to 26650s, so that’s a maybe.

Second, heat. You’re gonna need thermal mass to wick away the heat fast, even before it gets dissipated, just to get some burst light, but then you’re also gonna need lots of surface area with those pesky ol’ fins to dissipate that heat as well. That’s pretty much the exact opposite of “compact”.

Third, time. That LED (or those LEDs, in a multi-emitter setup) will be belching out heat faster than can be wicked away and dissipated, so stepdown is a given. The smaller the light, the faster that happens and has to happen.


I’d just get an M3 and be done with it.

“Probably zoom would be perfect solution here…”

zoomies are not known to be waterproof
or even very water resistant.

You're going to love it here, miosz!

Emisar D4SV2? Compact (for a 26650). Loads of emitter options. Dunno about waterproofness and drop resistance though.

D4S is pretty compact and doesn’t step down that quickly with XPL-HI.

OTF lumen output and candela at start-up
XP-G2 S4 : 3300lm / 40,000cd
Nichia 219C : 3000lm / 20,000cd
XP-L HI : 4300lm / 45,000cd
XP-L HD : 5100lm / 27,000cd
SST-20 6500K: 4200lm / 58,000cd
SST-20 5000K: 4000lm / 55,000cd
SST-20 4000K/3000K 95CRI: 3000lm / 41,000cd

A good way to achieve high output with high cri and CT around 5000k is with 3x or 4x Lh351d (at expense of throw). Cheap options are Convoy s12 and Sofirn c8f. I think that they will give you around 2000 lm on turbo and 1000lm sustained. I’m new here so be suspicius of what I’m saying.

C8F is a good shout. LH351D flavour even better. Bit long though so not sure if compact enough for OP.

S12 probably won’t have enough throw.

I don't know how waterproof it is, but my compact thrower of choice is the BLF-D80v2.

It is quite bright, and pretty cheap as well.

If you like tail switches, it's a good choice.

Mine has done very well in hard rain!

Sofirn if25a or SC31Pro would be a solid choice. Actually, the single emitter of the SC31Pro might not give you the output you are looking for even though its only barely perceptibly less bright than the if25a in real world.

As much as I like the ’31, it won’t buy much if anything over the F1. Over 1000lm that holds full turbo for almost a full minute without stepping down perceptibly.

Okay, that makes sense, I didn’t think about it.

Well, that’s really good call, it has really nice shape for carrying in pocket.
I’m thinking about which led is the best for my needs.
SST-20 4000K is nice because of 95 CRI, but also XP-L HI doesn’t look bad, it has nice color, more power, but not so good CRI.
Are there any runtime graphs for that flashlight?
I found only one for turbo, which says that it can run on turbo for about 30-40 seconds, but I wonder how long it can run on high (and how high).
Also I guess that it depends on led.
And one more question, what is “stainless steel bezel” option on page (looks like the only place where you can buy that flashlight)?

Thanks :slight_smile: Do you have any idea how powerful is this version, I guess advertised 5500lm/43kcd is not for 4000K version, is it?

Depends on your needs and how long those corridors are. Throw will be similar but XPL-HI a bit brighter and run cooler (read: slightly longer turbo before stepdown).

D4S is my favourite form factor for balance between EDC and POWER. Feels great in the hand.

intl-outdoor is the official store for Emisar and Noctigon. Hank Wang is the owner. Official thread here.

Stainless steel bezel is as it sounds. It’s an easy swap, screw off aluminium bezel, screw on SS bezel.

SS bezel:

Normal bezel:

Okay, thank you all very much for your answers, I think I’ll go for D4SV2 with XPL-HI :slight_smile:

I was looking at EC01, but it seems to be available only with SST40

Oh and one more question - which 26650 battery would you recommend for D4SV2 (and best place to buy it)?

I use Convoy S2+ with various emitter options for urban exploring. Examples of my photos are in my insta (link in my signature).

To take photo in caves I use Meteor M43. (It was more expensive than 50$ , but now it discontinued so it can be found cheaper in used condition.)
It is most compact 4*18650 light. It has stable output during ~1 minute in turbo. Unlike many popular light here, it can reach turbo level not only with fully charged batteries. Also there are a lot of variants of optics configuration from mule to narrow beam with 10507 triples.
Waterproof is good.