Comparing all my FW3As 3000k-6500k Nichia 219, XPLHI

Were you able to get the SST-20 in 4000K? I was wondering how it compares to the Nichia. Also in your video you said it is Nichia 219b, I thought it was the newer 219c.

thanks for the video
congrats on your new lights

are you using a consistent daylight white balance for all the beamshots?


Great comparison, thanks for the video! That Ti looks gorgeous!

I should have written down what I did… If I recall correctly I started at like 5700k for the cooler tints and ended on 4900k for the warmer tints. Visually the representation on camera was almost perfect. I think I did have to make a couple of very minor tweaks in post.

You are correct, I misspoke in the video.