Comparison: Stainless Steel AA Flashlight – Amutorch XPG3-S3 vs “Neal’s” Nichia 219C

Nice comparison! Flashlight review turned into optics demonstration very informative, thanks. :slight_smile:

Thanks djozz :wink: Yup, it was a bit like that, as the main review was already made, so the more important and useful things (for me, at least) would be to provide information about other possibilities of lenses or reflector, or how the tint would look on those! :wink:

Hope this helps to other mods, in these or other flashlights :sunglasses:

Nice comparison. I am still waiting for my two from Neal but I am already tempted to order those lenses. The diffused light does look so much better.

Thanks Dave G! The Nichia version from Neal is really nice :slight_smile: And definitely looks better on the pebbled lenses!
I guess I put a link for the lenses above, if you need them.
I’m seeing myself with more and more lights with “hive” lenses! And I like them more and more :wink:

Apparently it is sold as a Hokage stainless Nichia as well

Hum, I did see an image saying that it was “Hokage”, but didn’t see link for it! Did you find it?

Just for curiosity, as I have 4 (all with different settings ) laying around… :person_facepalming:

Me neither, only found some images, not a place where to buy