Contributing vs hijacking

Oldlumens and brted has pretty much summed it up.

Can you imagine what will happen when we have 2x the forum traffic and threads? And then double that amount? Finding specific info will be very difficult.

So how about those Lakers???

LOL, forum threads here never seem to have a problem. I have been on numerous forums where the pat answer to every thread was "do a search, that question has been asked numerous times before".

In which case, people have no need to actually join or log in, everything useful must already be archived.

Back on topic, hijacked threads are some of the most entertaining to read. The OP can always ask to return to his concern, which I respect and will do. But if it weren't for some of you jackers, I probably would not spend as much time on BLF as I do.

By the way, what's the brightest P60 drop-in?

Any sources for a green P60 host?

[edit]@SB: That depends. Do you mean lumen or lux?

In either case my answer is: I don't know.

[edit] OK, that was off topic and not contributing, but at least I marked my edits, right?

WIKI - Yes and if there is ever anything I can do to help out, please PM me. I would be glad to.

I canna hold er any longer capt'n, we'er just hangin on by a thread right now.

Hijacked, Owned, Failed...

Carry On.

It is your attitude, illustrated by that comment, that permeates this entire place. It is infectious. And it is what makes this place such fun and entertaining while also serving its serious purpose, which is educate and promote flashlights as a hobby.

Now, what were we talking about again?

@cone: I think we were about to evaluate whether OL wanted to become a WIKIng or a WI-KIng.

Wait. What?

This forum has collective ADD syndrome.

Kreisler sells bumper stickers now?

I don't know about anybody else, but I miss the Squirrel.


Edit: I miss the squirrel too. Not as big a fan of the ewok.

Why'd they call it a P60 when it's actually 26.5mm?

The original P60 bulbs introduced by Surefire had an average lifetime of approx. 60 min.

My daughter misses the squirrel, too. She'll just have to learn that corporate image has to come before a little girl's happiness..

Hahaha, that's not true. Is it? I thought it was because you had to be able to chance the bulb and batteries in the dark within 60 seconds. H)

No, no, no. The original bulb was so dim, it took you 60 seconds to find the bathroom just to take a P.

Can we please get back on topic now?

And they cost at least 60 bucks