Convoy C8+ pressure switch, gun mount, driver.

I recently purchased a few C8+ CSLNM1.TG with pressure switches and L21A CULPM1.TG flashlights from Convoy for hunting purposes. After using them I contacted Simon with a few suggestions on accessories, improvements, and driver changes. I mentioned that I can start a thread on BLF to discuss these options to which he agreed, and here we are.

Gun mounts:
It would be great if good gun mounts can be sold as accessories for the C8+ and S2 flashlights. I see that there are many available on AliExpress. Could you guys suggest good options for mounting lights to picatinny rails and on top of scopes? Perhaps Simon can stock gun mounts that have been proven to function well. Most AR platforms will have rails, for most hunting rifles it will probably be more convenient to mount the flashlight on top of the scope or attach it to the barrel of the rifle.

Perhaps some of you who have bought gun mounts that works well with the C8 on AliExpress could post links to the items?

Pressure switch:
The pressure switch that Simon sell can be improved. Although the quality is decent, the buttons are small and require quite a bit of pressure to activate. I noticed that some of the other manufacturers offer pressure switches with larger buttons which are easier to access and activate, especially the momentary button.

Any suggestions/wish list for a good pressure switch? Large momentary button with a smaller on/off button?

I hope that I am not opening a can of worms (starting trouble)… If you have a weapon light you need to be 100% sure how it is going perform when you press the button. For hunting max lumens and distance are required, for close encounters you might prefer slightly less lumens etc.

I suggest the following driver modes:
20, 50, 100% (Or whatever low, medium, high % would make the most sense)
50% only
100% only
Strobe only

Will the C8+ or L21A heat up to the point where it needs to thermal throttle on 50% power at room temperature 22 degrees Celsius? Even at 50% the flashlights should perform well with reduced temperatures and extended runtimes during long hunts? Samsung 50E batteries should be a good option for the L21A at 50%.

Does anyone know how well the Convoy C8+ flashlights hold up to recoil? I think that the new SFT40 led will also work great in a C8+ for hunting?

In for answers

If I was looking I would want some kind of quick release picatinny mount. I would absolutely never attach a light (or anything else I can think of) directly to the barrel, and I wouldn’t buy anything to attach it to the scope either.

I used some cork sheeting with stickum on one side to line a set of 1” rings to mount a C8. The cork molds to the contours of the C8 body.
Just need to distance the two rings to fit the Pic rail space wise. I used some El-Cheapo rings that I had in the junk drawer.
Best to get the light as close as possible to the bore axis.

So far it’s holding fine on a .223 and a 9mm PCC.
Beam on a C8 is just about perfect for a close/mid range choice.

Having a single mode as an option would be very welcome for this application. Brightness should be whatever can be held without stepdown.
An option for a low/high with no memory, always starting in low would be good also. Low for indoors and to not completely kill night vision. High for bigger spaces and outdoors.

Don’t want the light going off into blinkies or a memory mode. When all I want is to see what’s in front of me RIGHT NOW!
All the Best,

Hi Jeff, could you post photos of your setup? One of my friends used tape to fasten his C8 to his gun, not ideal but it works.


Here ya’ go.
I’d really like shorter rings for the rifle that has the head extend beyond the handguard so I could get the light closer to the bore.
These rings let the light clear a longer Pic rail.
The tailcap switch is easy to get to, and I don’t really feel the need for a remote switch. But a forward clicky switch would be much nicer than the reverse clicky that comes with the light.
Still this works really well and the hotspot sure looks like danger zone to me.

You can get the mounting screws tight enough by hand to keep the light on the rail and still get it off by hand. But I’ve never tested it with more than a few dozen rounds. Might want to crank that sucker on there if it was to be a permanent attachment.
A quick release mount would be nice, but this was essentially free as I already had some crappy rings that I wouldn’t use on a scope.
As was mentioned, I would not want to put something like this on a scope. Way too big a chance of knocking something out of zero.
Mounted on the barrel of a precision rifle, it will almost certainly change the zero due to the added weight and change in harmonics.
On an up close spray and pray, don’t think it would matter (much). I think it would be OK mounted to a shotgun barrel with the right adapters.
All the Best,

The added weight will change the zero some at longer distances. I can see it at 100 yards. At least I think I can.
You can’t tell from the photo, but the light is mounted in the 9 o’clock position (left side) so it is a good fit for my left hand thumb on the switch.

I use an offset mount to the left so my left thumb can activate button. I have a Primary Arms light that is momentary on with half press and click for on. Don’t know if this helps or not. Just my 2 cents.

Thanks Sw1f7 for the PM

This thread here is an interest list for a FET driver tail switch for zero loss with a remote switch. We’re thinking about getting the Sofirn remote switch as it’s entirely silent and has a decent size pressure pad, although I almost feel like too much pressure is required.

Currently I install dual springs which helps a lot with Convoy’s remote switch, only 50 lumen loss on the CSLNM1, but the expected drop on my C8+ CULPM1 8A build at 300 lumens.

Here in New Zealand most hunters either mount on the barrel or on the scope. Certain guns aren’t allowed here so picatinny mounts are used less.

I prefer drivers that locks in a mode so if the recoil causes a disconnect, it remains on that set level instead of skipping to the next. I have to use button top batteries and install dual springs to avoid it. I love Convoy’s ramping driver with the CULPM1 as a single tap doesn’t do anything, a very quick double tap gets to the 2nd mode. The 1st and 2nd level is fully adjustable as well.

The Convoy C8+ CULPM1 with Ramping driver was originally my build. I started telling people on here how good it was and that’s when Simon must have thought “this could be a decent seller” and recently listed it on his store. It was a bit sneaky of him because my setup was sold to me with zero warranty since he reckoned it was a bad idea….lol. I’ll have to ask him whether my past orders now have a warranty.

That aside it’s a killer setup and anyone not with one needs to grab it, it’s a must have for hunting. 1,300 lumens with a range of 977m. This thing destroys anything within the $180 nzd market over here. I sell it for $100 nzd and the CSLNM1 for $80.

The one thing that kills it though is the amount of things I need to watch out for with Convoy lights: dirty contacts, led misaligned, shelf not flat on many (not noticeable unless you assemble them), drivers with solder around the edge as retaining ring is too narrow to make proper contact with the board. It’s very fiddly getting everything up to standard to sell. I received a whole batch with very dusty reflectors

I hate the 12 groups driver as you can’t access the 50% level without ditching 100% in a group. That aside I never use anything but 100% since mine are sold primarily as a gun light, this is only activated in extremely quick bursts for lining up each shot.

I’ve been selling the C8 for 6 years without any failures due to recoil.

Just note that I just found out the L21A with 8A driver has no thermal regulation based on temperature, it’s a timed step down triggered at 2.5 minutes which gradually declines over 8 minutes. My Convoy Z1 uses the CULPM1 with 8A and hit 79°C on its 3rd High reset with the same behavior each time it was reset. This is awesome because who here loves a hunting light that refuses to activate turbo when you need it or need a slightly longer run and you can’t. Not great for the Z1, but you could actually also use it mounted. I get over 900m with it

Nice AR Jeff, what caliber is it? At which distances do you usually hunt at night?

Funtastic, the C8+ with ramping driver is definitely my next order. Perhaps the Z1 as well. Which led do you prefer with the Z1?

Just waiting for a clear night and I’ll have footage of 3 versions for my upcoming review

The Osram CULPM1 with 8A needs to be used with caution, Simon has been notified of no thermal regulation, it’s on a timer, not temp based.

First turbo run got 59°C and resetting turbo got to 75°C. He’ll most likely be pulling that setup off the shelf

Gun mounts:

These seem like good options:

25mm Ring Rail For Tactical Flashlight

Tactical Picatinny/Weaver Rail Mount for Flashlight with Quick Release

Pressure/remote switch:

I think we are probably looking to achieve two things with the remote switch.

One is a good switch with a large, silent, easy to press momentary button with a separate smaller easy to press on/off button.

These switches on AliExpress seems good:

Wurkkos TF84 SF84 Tail Remote Switch (Does anyone know if this works with the C8+?)


The other is a switch that will be able to handle high current led’s without loss of current.

This is beyond my knowledge. Funtastic, I have read the thread you have linked, it seems like this option is already being pursued. This thread also contains information.


100% only (default)

75% only

50% only

35%, 50%, 75%, 100%, Batt check (Or whatever low, medium, high % would make the most sense)

Strobe only


20+ taps enter programming mode

1st buzz, nothing

2nd buzz, memory on/off

3rd buzz, programming modes

I am no expert on this, suggestions would be appreciated.

Other Changes:

Double springs to absorb recoil, will probably help with high current as well (Thanks Funtastic).

SWif7 invited me here… Not sure what I can do but any questions re. my C8+ set-up are welcome. Funtastic was the first here to pursue Simon re. the C8+ we now have. I also worked with him to get the buzz started for the FET tail switch which I’ve been raving about for a few years actually. Glad to see some interest in it lately :+1:

On the FET tail switch I need more info as the new one (not using a battery) needs a resistor at the driver- not sure how that (really) works. I imagine a small wire running down the battery tube- hope I’m wrong but will find out as it develops.

The C8+ was confirmed at 1000 yards last February, through a 6x scope (on an AR that couldn’t shoot even 1/2 that far :wink: But the visual worked great and I was using Lexel’s older FET with the pressure switch. I have several hunters already using the C8+ and happy to just thumb the rear switch from a left side mounted on an AR (Simon WILL install a foward clicky— IF YOU ASK!).

I also run several Sofirn (old C8F triples) off this same FET (and off my AR-15 6.8 SPC where it kills pigs superbly out to 300 yards). But the latest C8+ from Convoy is THE long-range light for about any gun and I’m happy with the driver which was MADE for gun use.

One day I’ll figure out how to post pics here and put up a shot of my AR mounted-up.

There is no wire running down the tube. A bleeder resistor (my case I used 1 megaohm) is installed somewhere between the the battery+ and the ground ring. Some of Convoys new drivers already have them installed for compatibility with lighted tailcaps. I can post instructions on how this would look later.

Apparently L4P was working on the same design and is now starting a groupbuy of his own at the same time. His products aren’t open source so I don’t know what differences there are, but suddenly there’s a lot of action in this space.

I’m developing my own forward clicky /remote pressure switch UI and can share it when it’s finished.

Excellent news on this config JaredM! DO YOU KNOW if the Convoy “ramping driver” (coming on the C8+) has the resistor?

I don’t. Sorry.

Maybe we can have an interim solution until the zero-loss FET tail switch becomes readily available. A C8+ with a better remote switch, double springs, and a driver more suited for hunting/searching (if needed?).

Funtastic, have you tested the Sofirn/Wurkkos remote switch with a C8+ yet?

What about these modes for a hunting/searching/tactical C8 driver?
100% only (default)
75% only
50% only
35% only
35, 100 (Single press advances)
50, 100 (Single press advances)
(For indoor, outdoor use, or switching between near and far targets - jeff51)
35, 50, 75, 100, Batt check, Beacon, SOS
(Or whatever % low, medium, high, turbo % would make the most sense)
100%, Strobe (Quick double press advances)

Is it possible to have mode memory enabled/disabled for a particular mode?

20+ taps to enter programming mode
1st buzz, nothing (To prevent accidental programming. I have accidentally changed modes on the 12 modes driver before by “playing” with the switch. Maybe someone has a better idea to prevent this?)
2nd buzz, programming modes

If the C8+ ramping driver is better suited for hunting than the one I am suggesting please let me know. Maybe I am trying to reinvent the wheel…

Maybe complete tail caps for the C8+ can be sold with a forward switch installed. Then you can choose which tail cap you would like to use? Program with the reverse and use with the forward? Best of both worlds.

Suggestions would be appreciated.

These magnet attachments have some good feedback from some that use them. Note, a mate who hunts 3 to 5 nights a week most weeks of the year, turning 80 this year has nothing but praise for them.
They stick rock solid to the barrel. I think his brad is Olight but there are others out there.

One thing that bug’s me with the Convoy C8+’s is the lack of USBc integrated charging. Seen some mods of other torches with this built into the tail cap.

Thanks for the link Bart1080. The magnet attachments should work great with the C8+ lights.

As far as I know Simon from Convoy is working on adding USB charging to his lights. Hopefully the C8 is on the list.