【convoy】H4 and B35AM options are updated

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Basically the smaller the better. I have some good larger springs already. Your small phosphor bronze is OK but if it was available coated - I would prefer that.

My finger got tired from scrolling the above comment just to reach the end for the useful part…

Ooh, that sounds interesting. Coated with what? Tinned for better soldering? Au-plated for lower resistance?

The large springs are Au coated

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Only after the first use, the spring will be slightly shortened, and the height will not change in future use.


This isn’t a complete solution, but it is at least possible to eliminate the issue on a per-browser basis. Using a stylesheet override extension like Stylus, create a style and paste this in:

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Does someone already knows how the “battery check” function works in the SST-40 Biscotti-clone drivers?

With a cell hovering around 3.9V I am getting 5 blinks. :???:

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@Simon Mao

Any progress in the 4x18A with SBT90.2 LED?

Looking forward for it

At present, there is only a driver with an output current of 18A, and i will take some time to develop a 25A driver.

Anyone know the purpose of the silver hook thing?

You want people to take the time to edit past quotes out of posts (difficult and complicated with the reply formatting) vs just scrolling a bit farther?

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I’m also hoping to see this soon! Honestly, 18A wouldn’t be bad. With the mass and size of the host, that’s probably about right TBH. I think the idea of a 4 cell light is to have sustainable output. YMMV


I purchased and installed 3 or 4 of the 17mm 12mode sst40 drivers now, and am experiencing the same issue with all of them. They are forgetting their mode group! Seems like every other time I pick up on the the lights with this driver, it’s reverted back to group 1. This is very frustrating to say the least. One of these is built into a Convoy M2, and I experienced the same contact issue as others have mentioned here. Got it working with added solder on the driver rim, but this is not how I wish it worked.

Regarding the M2 design… It has a flaw in design that doesn’t allow the reflector to sit deeper than 1mm above the MCPCB. This becomes a problem with the OSRAM emitters as they need about 0.4mm gap for proper focus. The simplest solution for this might be making 3030 DTP boards thicker. Additionally, please consider making centering gaskets from BLACK plastic in the future. Also, avoid the beveled angle near the emitter, as this causes artifacts in the beam from this surface being directly illuminated. If the gasket was black and had a square (or negative angle) transition from the center hole outwards, no light would hit this surface (or penetrate up to it) and artifacts will be avoided.

I think 18A is ok, considering the heat dissipation and output.
My XT45 does 15,4 A on a full cell with about 5200 Lm.

Otherwise the cells will drain even faster