【convoy】H4 and B35AM options are updated


Present model is 4x18 and Simon said he’ll make one 3x21 for this emitter.

I’ll buy one.

Convoy S11 XHP70.2 has appeared in the store. Good to know the XHP70.2 is making its way into more Convoy lights.

Great news! I hope Simon will make Convoy S21B XHP70.2

When we talk about powerfull emitters and S21 line i wonder if S21B can accept big XHP35 driver? Is cavity big enough for inductor on that driver?

I was thinking abou XHP35 actually...
I am in negotiations about e-switch driver for M21C-U to be driven at 40-50W on a single cell.

Having huge L6 is not my gig

I really hope Simon will offer M21B with XHP70.2. I have a modded Convoy M1 with an XHP70.2 and boostdriver here. It's absolutely great since this LED can be driven very efficiently at lower currents.

I have a couple of the new 17mm 5A drivers on the way. I’m planning a triple build or two. I wish Simon would make the same driver in a 3A version. For some LEDs 5A would be too much current. Since it’s single sided it’d be perfect for the S2+ without having to make a mess soldering a 7135x8 to the pill. That could render the 7135 based Biscotti driver obsolete.

Can anyone tell me- does this light, with xhp50 have the 3v or 6v LED?

It’s from simons store, the s21b with xhp50. The reason why I’m not sure is because the tint options are 3k, 4K, 5k, 6.5k… and I’ve never seen those options anywhere else with xhp50.

I want to try an osram in this, I already own it. Thanks

US $25.45 | Black convoy S21B with SST40 / XHP50.2 ,copper DTP/ ar-coated , Temperature protection,21700 flashlight,built-in 21700 battery

3V only comes in 5000K and above.

It uses the 2S or “6V” led. I call it 2S as it means “2 in series”, this is because XHP50.x (along with XHP70.x) emitters feature 4-dies usually arranged in 2 groups connected in series, each one consisting in 2 dies connected in parallel. With special boards the dies can be arranged 4S (4S1P) or “12V”, these boards are available from SinkPAD at some places like Mountain Electronics.

If you want to try an Osram buy an SST40 version. SST40 versions employ a ∅22mm, 6A maximum linear driver for 1S or “3V” leds: 4-modes or 12-groups. With up to 6A it is a very adequate driver for the CSLPM1.TG or CULPM1.TG, “2mm² white flat”, without going overboard with driving current, which in my lightful opinion is what happened with the new “8A single cell buck driver for CULPM1.TG”: it's somewhat overcooked.

Additionally, and concerning (XHP50.x/XHP70.x) 2S or 6V emitters, I can see the new drivers for XHP50/70 emitters (XHP50.x 12-groups, XHP50.x 4-modes, XHP70.x 4-modes and XHP70.x 12-groups) with pretty much “stock” driving currents. Considering the availability of more powerful drivers for 1S or 3V leds, I find this a bit underwhelming. Of course, this is just an opinion of someone always looking for an extra oomph. So, I recommend installing the XHP70.x boost drivers with/for XHP50.x emitters, i.e. if you buy an XHP50.2 S21B, you could give Simon a tip and ask him to put an XHP70.x driver in it (if he accepts, mind you). This of course is a call for more powerful boost drivers; XHP50.x and XHP70.x emitter tests prove they can handle twice the stock maximum driving current guaranteed. Some test examples: XHP70.2 P2 4000k Output test by Texas_Ace, early XHP70 test by djozz (up to 11.5A), XHP50 Output test by Texas_Ace and earlier XHP50 test by djozz (both maxed out at ≈9.25A).

You are asking for flexibility in deciding the maximum driving current. This is great, it could also save on modding work for people like me.

For this to be a new firmware is due. It could be based on the 12-groups “biscuit” firmware, for example by simplifying the group selection choices (less groups of modes), and reserving a few choices to set the maximum driving current:

Given the above 6 groups could still be reserved, and employ 6 group memories to set the maximum driving current at: 100%, 80%, 64%, 51.2%, 40.96% and 32.768%. Each one of these figures was obtained by multiplying the previous one by 0.8 (80%). In a max 6A driver this would set the list of driving currents as: 6A, 4.8A, 3.84A, 3.072A, 2.4576A and 1.96608A. This is with the full set of decimals, so here is a more simplified list: 6A, 4.8A, 3.84A, 3.07A, 2.46A and 1.97A.

This is just an idea. For it to be fruitful you need to “come to terms” with enough people, and of course the idea needs refinement (the group choices, for example).

Maybe that applies to the "AMC", but the ones we use today, and for the last few years, in Anduril, and I believe Narsil/M, we PWM 7135's at 16 Khz. It's been this way for years. Maybe we do it with some unnoticed issues? Dunno. Maukka tested here: https://budgetlightforum.com/t/-/52366/212

Also here from 2014: https://budgetlightforum.com/t/-/26083/4

Tom E, I didn't say it cannot work. I just pinpointed to an article with related information.

And now that I carefully look at the oscilloscope screenshots in the article, doubts arise in me. If the figure up right in the screenshots is the time/div value, the frequency of the displayed signals is then a lot higher. First one reads 8µs as time/div value, and so the displayed signal seems to be of ≈20KHz; and for the second screenshot, with 4µs time/div, the PWM signal looks to be of ≈77KHz. :???:

But I am no oscilloscope expert, and I need to return to my duties. Hope someone can confirm if Pratik Panda put his foot in such review.

Hello Mr. Simon

Maybe you can work with loneoceans member to make a Convoy flashlight with Lume X1 driver?

His design is here : https://budgetlightforum.com/t/-/65319

My personal wish list is

  • 21700 battery
  • USB C charging
  • side e-switch
  • Anduril firmware by ToyKeeper
  • One good led, maybe one version with xhp 70.2, and one with GT-FC40 95CRI, or Nichia B35AM

Thank you!

I have a new 7135*8, built-in temperature control, 380mA IC, total current output is 3040mA, the same 12 groups code as SST40 driver


what about the driver in M3-C?

I can hope you make a Convoy S21B XHP70.2?

Wow, this is great information thank you Barkuti! I did not realize that the drivers being used fir the 2s xhp50 was so underpowered, and also never thought to request a driver change from Simon directly. I already own the s21b xhp50 6v, but may order another one with the xhp70 boost driver you mentioned. If Simon can swap it out for me that is. Thank you for this information!