【convoy】H4 and B35AM options are updated

for example ,i’m ready to produce 20mm driver for SST40

20mm driver for S21A

second batch is in production now

i have some 42*1.5mm and 20.5*1.5mm frosted lenses,
i can send it to you for free if you need it ,
i’m not ready to sell it

And Simon.
For the lots of Plain torch owners out here.
A C8+ with single or triple LED. 26650 cell.
and basic ON/Ramp. Turbo. OFF. SIDE switch only.
A L2 Convoy the same would be nice tooo.
Rear switches are soo awkward I find.

Unless a person has small hands. the 26650 tube
is soo much more comfortable to hold.

Will there be a 21700 Convoy M1? I really want one.

Hmmm. I’m contemplating if I should buy the H1 or wait for the next batch with the better UI.

Hey Simon, maybe you can sell the H1 with those “rosy” 5A1 or 5D1 XML2 from your store and I might just buy one anyway.

CREE XML2 T6-5A1 / T6-5D4 rosy tint with copper DTP plate

Simon, I remember seeing that the H1 is 2.5A; is the PCB 16mm? Just thinking for the second batch, in case I feel like changing emitters :slight_smile:

Thank you very much :+1: I will ask for them in my next order.

i’m ready to lauch some flashlights with side switch and micro-usb charging port,
i think it’s very suitable for you

in fact ,it’s 5A1 in current H1,
if you dont like the UI , you can wait for next batch

yes,2.5A and 16mm PCB

Great news :wink: I’ve got some LH351D’s on 16mm in 4000K and 5000K I’ll want to test - and some TIR lenses from you should be arriving soon. Good times!

Oww, I thought you mentioned that reflector and pill were the same as the S2, so a lot could be interchanged.
Are you planning to produce 20mm drivers with 7135*x single/5mode and Biscotti?

Very exciting. Can’t wait.

Simon, are you also still planning to make a quad emitter host for the S2+ 21700?

Simon, is this still true, or has it changed?

[quote=Simon Mao]

Simon, that sounds nice, that you change the UI… Can you tell about the LEDs you will offer in the new batch (Hi CRI SST20 3-4000k or others… SAMSUNG LH351D 4000K 90CRI LED also fine:-))??

and thank you again for your fast answers in this forum!! :+1:

Simon, for the USB charging lights, how difficult would it be to switch to a Type C port?

Most phones (not counting Apple and their Lightning port) have been using Type C since 2016. That means people are more likely to have Type C cables laying around than Micro. Not to mention Type C is just pbjectely better in every way.

Personally, I’m trying to phase out Micro USB and actively avoiding buying new products that have it. Even if it causes a small price increase, I’d gladly pay that to not deal with Micro USB charging cables.

+1 for USB-C charging port :+1:

Another +1 for USB-C. MicroUSB doesn’t belong on newly-introduced products in 2019 even if it’s cheaper.