Convoy L2/L6 modding thread

There are no aftermarket boost drivers yet (mostly). They are still being developed.

Xhp35 is typically higher output than a single 3v led, but a FET driven sst40 can be pretty close. I don’t know what you want. Do you want a narrow beam for long distance, a wide beam for close up? Is maximum brightness more important than beam color?

Jason, Richard has been selling a Boost driver to run 6 and 12V emitters from a single cell for a while now. There are others out as well.

If the Boost driver isn’t pushing an XHP-35 up around 2.2A or more then it may make more sense to go with an XP-L emitter, either in HD for a floodier light or HI for more throw, utilizing an FET style driver with a good 26660 cell the performance level is on par with the 12V emitter at less overall cost (boost drivers can be pricey).

Lot more light ftom an SST-40 in the L2 though, for sure. It pulls a lot more amps from the cell as well (with direct drive like the FET driver)

I noticed mtnelectronics boost driver but it gives only 1.2A for xhp35. Maybe SST40 is the way to go then.
I want it to thorow at least same than my V6. Better if more.

Or if you better like warmer tints buy a 4000 K Luxeon V from led4power. My L2 does over 2000 lumens with it.

This is why I did not mention it. It’s a bit underpowered for 12v use due to small 17mm size.

The L2 appears to use a 21mm driver. It you can afford to wait, Richard might release his bigger boost driver that should be able to run at higher amperages. I have no idea how long that will take, though. Might be a few more months.

Check this thread as well.

MTNElectronics is coming out with a 20mm Boost driver that can more adequately supply power to the XHP-35. In testing, it delivers up to 2300 lumens and more. He’s about ready to release it…

There’s always the XP-L2, capable of 2300 lumens or so. In the right reflector it’s decent enough…. there can be a yellowish aura from the flip-chip technology but this rarely comes into play in real use.

Ah, it’s good to hear that he will release the 20mm soon.

Do you know when his e-switch versions will ship? That is what I’m looking to buy.

Lexel has been pretty busy with hand surgery and moving to a new place that had unkown water damage he has to fix. It’s really put him behind on flashlight stuff.

Not sure about how soon, but when he releases the 20mm I think it will also have e-switch capability… pretty sure that’s what he told me. He, too, has been dealing with life…

Left xhp70.2 4500K dedomed SMO reflector.
Right xhp70.2 6000K dedomed OP

both have Custom driver made by lexel with max 8 amp.

such a great light the L6.

Surely those colors are not accurate and are caused by the camera.

Difficult for almost any camera to truthfully render those two, even my expensive pro bodies would have trouble with that.

Edit: Kinda looks like a hybrid Alien though… just sayin!

Yeah it does look like a alien.
I only have phone camera so not the best real world color.

The tint of the led really shifted after dedome.

I always edit the photos to show how they look in real life so as not to mislead people.

I don’t edit after the fact, I set the camera to take a realistic photo. But then, my camera’s are probably not typical…

What are the hive mind’s thoughts on modding a L6 with a pile of LEDs similar to a Fireflies E07? I like the 2x26650 form factor but for real world use, I find a floody light to be more useful.

I don’t think you see people doing that because no one makes a aluminum or copper spacer to fit an L6. If you can machine one yourself, then you can pretty much do whatever you want.

BTW, Simon has released a new version of the L6 using the XHP70.2 with SMO reflector and maybe a modded version of the stock FX30 driver. It says it’s 4300 lumen, but of course that might just be due to the different LED.

I saw that new version of the L6.

I have access to a CNC mill but I don’t have a lathe. Does anyone have CAD models for the L6?

What about stuffing a single Cree CXB3590 in there? I suspect it would over heat it really fast at full output but it sure would make for one hell of a “mule”. :smiley:

FWIW, the last flashlight I modded was an emitter swap in a Surefire U2 Ultra. So, it’s been a while.