Convoy L2/L6 modding thread

Reduce output, not much, or to worry about, only your meter will know bro! :smiley: Visually nope.

I use a fine emery cloth or finish sandpaper around 800-1200-1500grt. Very wet, soaked even, like in a bucket of water, you don’t want the grit to become lodged into the silicone dome, or you will have a smoker! Then scrub/clean the dome very well with alcohol and a towel. Sometimes I even polish the dome, I have used tooth paste the white highly abrasive paste, cleanser like the Roman Cleanser/AJAX and water to make a paste, if I don;t have a fine enough paper. Still make sure it absolutely cleaned/scrubbed with alcohol. Blow it off with canned air.

Best to test the emitter after outside the light after cleaning, just to make sure you don’t smoke up your reflector.

That is why I like to build it up outside the light first, take my readings and when i assemble, I know what i should be getting right!

XHP70 SD75

Looks store bought, Cree XHP70HI! :wink:

thanks for the advice guys, i think i will go with the xhp50 :slight_smile:

I updated the L6 switch color.

That’s really cool looking :beer: Jason, u did a great job! :+1:

Any of my X6’s with the lighted tail cap I’ve gone with that combination, really like it. :slight_smile:

I’ve put a new momentary switch on the pcb in my L6 and it still acts up. I removed the positive lead to the LED’s, still messed up. So I am going to build a new driver and swap it out, see if I can get this L6 working properly…

I did this combo because you mentioned it before. :+1:

Man, I’m not sure why your having so much trouble. So with no power to the switch led’s, it’s still acting funny? I guess the driver has an issue.

Earlier I was thinking whatever mcu your driver is using might just be sensitive to the light circuit, like power was back feeding to pin 2, but I don’t know if its possible since the little leds are still diodes, so they are one way only.

I’ve used the lighted side switch on the FX30 and Tx Avenger drivers and had no issues at all. Maybe their mcu’s are not so sensitive?

I have had this driver working fine in this light for months, making 7200 lumens when I first built it. Didn’t start having issues till I tried the lighted switch.

At any rate, I built a 20mm MTN FET driver and swapped it out. I’m gonna have to quit doing this on pain meds. Put the Zener on backwards and played he figuring out why I had nothing! lol Got it flipped around and the light seems to be working fine, lighted switch and all. It was making 5600 lumens on the cells at 84% charged, recharging cells now…

Sounds good.

If anyone wants to see all my pics of the lighted side switch as well as my other mods to my L6, I’m putting together a thread on it.

I’ve got a 91K resistor on the switch LED’s. I’ve got 18ga leads from the driver to the LED, 16ga from the contact board to the driver. So, why am I now only getting 5740.8 lumens where I got 7200 before? The only thing really different is I’m using an SIR404DP mosfet instead of the SIR800DP. Might have to pull it apart yet one more time and swap MOSFET’s… ugh.

I didn’t think a single mosfet could make such a big difference.

Was the amp draw less as well?

Actually it’s still pulling 12.05A. Weird huh?

Just remembered something… I pulled the UCLp lens to use in my scratch built triple 50.2, I think I have a S70 lens in it now. Could be that the combination of changes is doing it. Some lenses can block a lot of light and the UCLp is the best out there, so I’d expect to see losses for the lens change, maybe not so much, but still…

In the morning I’ll test it without a lens, see what that shows…

If a UCLp lens can make that much of a difference, I wanna buy one! Lol.

Some time back I bought a MaxToch SN6X-2X in a group buy. I put an UCLp lens in it and it made a 27Kcd difference in throw. Seriously. Biggest single gain I’ve seen for one item change. This is a variable of course, depending on the quality of lens already present. I’m using an S70 lens because the AR coating on the L6 lens got accidentally damaged. I DO have what appears to be a very nice white glass lens with good AR coating from Klarus that is fitted to the L6, can try that in the morning as well, see if a swap will help there. has the best lenses in the business. Comparable to eyeglass or photography lens coatings and clarity with up to 98% transmission as I recall. (just checked, 97% in the UCLp … 68mm is $8.25… and 98-99% transmission in the smaller UCL glass lens)

No 18 or 20mm, do they stock these sizes?

What are you talking about?


18 and 20 both in the UCLp, but not in the glass UCL.

Thanks :+1:

Chris will cut custom sizes in the UCLp if you ask him. :wink:

I have a couple of their UCL lenses I got for my M1s, definitely high quality products, better than the cheaper AR lenses commonly available.