Convoy L2 XHP50 Mod

XHP70 have a 6V option too as the XHP50 depending on the Mcpcb (both have 12V option too).

But XHP35 and XHP35 Hi only comes in 12V option.

The xm-l, xm-l2, XP-l, XP-l hi, xp-l2, Sst-40 is a 3v emitter.

And whatever you choose you need the right driver to power them.

Not many drivers for 1 cell powered xhp35 and XHP35 hi tho.

One single cell driver is Kaidomain H2-C 22mm “12V” Boost driver.

It can power the xhp35 Hi, xhp50 (12V version), XHP70 (12V version) with a single battery. (If the driver fits the L2)


If you want a FET direct drive driver and add a de-domed/shawed Sst-40 or an XP-l Hi (I guess you want throw (long range)) you could use a 17mm BLF A6 A17DD-L FET+1 driver but I’m guessing you need a 17mm to 20mm driver adaptor.



I don’t know where you live but mtnelectronics have a nice selection of drivers.


I’m guessing you want a long range flashlight. I think you should go for a Direct Drive FET driver with de-domed/shawed Sst-40 or a XP-L Hi or if you can find a good 12V driver that’s fits then go for a XHP35 Hi.

I don’t know what size of the driver the L2 have so just guessing here.

Hey Thanks, that was really explanatory…!!!

I live in the UK, and yeah, I’m looking for a thrower but I thought I could give it more output. The XPL HI works fine but could always do with more light isn’t it…?

Of course I could use the second battery on the L2 but for that matter I would have gotten the L6… I like the small profile thrower…!!

Cool guys thanks for the output…!!


I have an L2 running a xhp35 hi with a mtn buck driver that gets 2480 lumens and 280 kcd with 4 26350 in it. I’ve been thinking about getting one of those kaidomain boost drivers in it and see how it does with 2 26350’s

Btw. If you are going for a DD FET driver make sure your emitter sits on a DTP (direct thermal path) Mcpcb and put on some good thermal paste under it like the Arctic Cooling MX-4 Thermal Compound so it can transfer the heat properly to the flashlight host.

Same if you use the xhp35 Hi.

Convoy L2 + FX-6 + XHP50.2 J4-3A + tailcap reverse click switch

Hey johnkey68 nice set up…!!

Yeah, something like that is what Im after. Is that single cell light?

Do you know estimate output… does it throw reasonably well…?

Thanks for sharing…!!

Hey interesting approach…!! would like to know how that turns out…!

2 x 26350 = O.K. !!!

I’m thinking of the same setup.
Did the driver fit well? I found it in 22mm version
Wich spring did you use?

How do you experience the light/ trow/ flood? Do you have some beamshots?

I have my L2 running with one cell and a XHP50.2

I use this driver

It is nice!

Any beamshots of the 50.2 in your L2, johnkey68?

Convoy L2 + Cree XHP50.2 6500K

And for comparison : UltrraFire F13 + OP reflector + XHP50.2 6500K VS KDL C8.2 XHP50.2 5000K

Very nice, thanks for the beamshots and comparison. How do the tints of the new 50.2 compare to other leds Johnkey68? The photos make it seem like the 6500k is pretty warm and the 5000k looks really warm, but I know it’s pretty difficult to get accurate color temperature in most photos. Are they as warm as they look, or different in person? Thanks again, nice mod

Hey guys back to the thread.

I have looked at the options, and Kaidomain H1-A boost driver + XHP50.2 de-domed on the Convoy L2 seems like the most plausible option for what I'm looking for (higher output yet maintaining a decent throw in one cell config.)

Do any of you guys have this particular setup? could you share some more opinions, max lumen output and throw and some beamshots (thanks Johnkey68 for yous), please..?

I also noticed that KDLITKER C8.2 uses an XHP35 HI claiming 2000 lumens (dunno about that) using a 20mm own KD driver (I suspect)

Do you guys know what driver that one is, and where to find it..? links, please :) Thanks for your support..!

XHP35 is 12 V so it is the H2-C 22 mm driver. Modding thread here.

There is a 12v version of the FX35. Like the H2-C, it is nominally 22mm. Unlike the H2-C, it is limited to 1s input.

Hopefully Lexel will be making and selling his own boost drivers soon. I hope in a month or less, but it’s hard to say. Check out his thread.

They will be 20mm and larger and can power a 6v xhp50.2 or 70.2 at 6 amps. That is roughly 4k and 5k lumen! He can also run less power if you choose.

We are just waiting patiently. Lol

Hello, I have not modified a light enough, I want to build a new L2 from a single battery with xhp 50.2 and controller h1-A, is there any resistance mod for this controller? I have some r100, and then the classic, awg 20 bypass in the springs … any idea of lumens and CD in this configuration? greetings and many thanks!

:arrow_right: I want to use 1 battery
How do I need to modify it?
The specification needs to start 6 v

If you want to use a xhp50.2 or SST-40 and a single battery then I would buy the 3 volt led and use a FET driver so you can get a nice user interface and higher output.

If you want 6 volt output you need a boost driver which was mentioned earlier. It has a more basic interface and lesser output (3A@6v).