Convoy M2 setups

I wasn't planning on too much with my M2, but I ended up with an XM-L2 T4 5B1 80+ CRI on a Noctigon, BLF17DD, 18awg led leads, and 22awg spring bypass on driver and switch. With a Samsung 25R and moderate pressure, I measured 6.3A. No idea about lumen output, but it's the brightest light I own so far.

If I could do it over, I might use 20awg led leads instead, as 18awg prevents the reflector from lowering all the way.

Copied from the M2 group buy thread.

Just a few thoughts on the light and clips. At first I thought the anodizing appeared to be cheap and almost like a matt paint but this was unfounded. When drilling and centre punching for the clip the anodizing was found to be very strong. I even broke a tap of when I started to tap a hole. The Bezel was very sharp which has been filed down to a semi Foy style.With a 7135 driver putting out nearly 2 amps at the tailcap and an old style XML 3C tint led the hotspot is very tight with a good spill. The oring was on the wrong side of the glass lens. It had to be stretched slightly to stop it popping out when it was positioned between the bezel and lens.The clip is decent enough. I did not use the original screws but used cap screws I had. Its very strong for the thickness of the material. The edges have a slight ripple which is hard to see from the cutting out of the profile. They had a slight tarnished look to them and cleaned up reasonably well with a lot of elbow grease and Mothers polish.