Convoy M21A SFT40 There is a black stain on the LED

I Just Bought Convoy M21A With SFT40 Led But After Using For A Moment On Turbo 10 Seconds After I Checked There Are Black Stains On The Flashlight Led…… Can The Black Stains Remove?

Without a picture is hard to tell, I think those may be burn marks of debirs on the surface of the led, I don’t think they are fixable

This seems to happen with some bins of the SFT-40. djozz checked out the SFT-40 earlier, and it was noted by some members with the Convoy batch some black dots appeared, HERE and HERE. Seems it may have something to do with overdriving the LED.

Yes sir

Driver 6A sir

Check out my post in the SFT40 thread. My emitters are having similar issues. I have to say that the beam from a SFT40 is beautiful.

indeed the light from sft40 is very good sir

Do you use it often, will it spread black dots on the LED, sir?

Heh, I’m asking the same question on the other thread. I have no idea. I’m hoping it won’t spread and the black spots are just burned out “weak” spots in the emitter. I could live with the black spots as long as the emitter is okay.

For reference:

Maybe this is why the SFT40s are still not officially listed on the Luminus website.

I don’t think they are - I can’t blow them away with compressed air. Does it look different from your black spot? Please take a picture and upload it if possible.

it’s the same black stain as my convoy m21a sft40 sir

Beware… if too many of the black stains appear in your emitter, it could risk a tear in the fabric of space-time resulting in a black hole. Can you imagine that? Civilization destroyed because of an LED flashlight… The times we live in. :person_facepalming: :frowning:


Are the leds without domes easily deformed, sir?

Does your JKK80 4 X SFT-40 8000 have lock-out facility to stop the light from coming on accidently?

Yes, holding a 5 seconds from off locks it out. The light is still doing fine. Later in this thread, I mentioned I was able to mostly clean the spots off.

The recommendations in this thread are good. People shouldn’t turbo any SFT40 light until they made sure there are is no flux splatter.

Is there a physical lockout too? Like unscrewing apart of the light?

I haven't got any black flux splatter on my Convoy C8+ or M21A SFT40 lights.

No physical lockout is available for the JKK80. The cells are always connected once you place them into the carrier. When you unscrew the tailcap you reveal the USB-c charging. It can also act as a powerbank.

It is probably the most waterproof design for USB charging.

Can you go straight to turbo in one click from off? I am thinking about buying this flashlight.

There Are Black Stains On The Flashlight Led
Will the lamp burn if it is lit for such a long time?

The black spot is often flux and it’ll cause permanent damage to the LED quite quickly when using the flashlight on the higher levels