Convoy s

I have a light that's slightly bigger, compared to convoy S, but smaller than those already.

It's a great light, throws 400-600 ft with the smooth reflector option, and has enough spill to see where I'm walking and not just blind me at less than 10'. I ordered a couple of the convoys because I want more of a pocketable light, even tho I've been carrying the monster light around in my pocket on occasion. Here lately I've been leaning toward a q5 zoomie that just doesn't cut it in the brightness department.

I am dredging my way through the flashlight wiki, what if that emitter was put on this njang rohs 101AK board**NEW**-3-dsh-Mode-Regulated-Circuit/Detail

Is that a doable concept that would be good for a first timer to attempt or am I way off base? Would it come close to the lumen output I am thinking it would? Something a little better than a t6/U2 with better throw than a stock s7? I bought a 3 pack of smooth reflectors for S series lights, could try to de dome the LED if it would help with throw as well?

Im going to have 2 7135*8 xml2-U2-1a lights (s4 & s6) but I want to see if I can get a throw out of them (smaller platform) anywhere near the equivalent of my monster light.

wow I apologize for the links in the OP, I don't know what happened there.



As Zak said, the bigger the emitter, the harder it will be to get it to throw very far. If you want a small tube light to throw, you’re going to want a zoomie or a maybe an XR-E would work decently in an S2, but your overall lumen output will drop.

The driver that you linked on shiningbeam is basically the same as the one in your convoys, but with half the power

If you don’t want to do the modding part yourself go to intl-outdoor and configure your C8 as you’d like. LINK

I’d go with:
Reverse clicky, (You have to switch the light off all the time with forward clicky, I don’t like it.)
Neutral White - XP-L V6 3D ( +$1.99 ) for highest neutral output,
and whatever mode spacing you preffer.

It already has AR-Lens and a soldered copper star, can’t beat that at that pricetag.

Just to clarify something no one has addressed so far, two batteries wired in series DO NOT combine capacity in addition to voltage. Parallel cells double Ah (capacity), series cells double V (Volts or electrical potential). For example, take two 3000mAh 4.2V cells. Each one is 12.6 Wh (Ah times V), so together they would be 25.2 Wh: 6000mAh and 4.2V in parallel, and 3000mAh and 8.4V in series. If both capacity and voltage were doubled when they were connected in series, that would be 8.4V and 6Ah, equaling 50.4 Wh. That is 4 times the power of an individual cell, which is impossible.

yep there it is. I wasn't sure, I work with alot of 12/24v systems and I'm used to wiring batteries together but never knew or cared about the capacities, that's what generators and regulators are for.

i want to build a thrower! what's the best way to go about that with a convoy s lol :p

Keeping in mind that a small reflector is NOT going to get you a throwy light...

Here's the link to the five-degree optic:

I've used these 10-degree optics from FastTech:

...and they will fit the EDC-sized hosts like the Convoys, sometimes with a little bit of shaving around the plastic holder.

Another alternative: I got surprisingly good results making a P60 Aspheric thrower from a 501a/b light:

I won the lens lottery and ended up with a good optic, and started with a known-good high-bin emitter that is overdriven slightly. This light is optimized for throw, and is thowier than a similar S-type host due to the larger lens, but is still easily outthrown by C8-type lights. It's still a lot of fun though due to the small size and can be handy. If you can find an appropriate optic for the Convoy S-lights, a dedicated thrower with an overdriven XP-G2 would be a fun project...

The Nanjg 101AK is a good driver for low-powered EDC lights but is limited to 1400mA so you wouldn't get maximum brightness which will be essential for maximum throw. Stick with the 2.8A Qlite if you want bright...

Also, keep in mind any of these Qlite/Nanjg drivers won't work with two cells in series; they are for single-cell or parallel use only.

The throwiest option for the S2 (or really any flashlight) is a dedomed XP-G2. I can’t speak to the 5 degree optic, whether it is throwier than the stock reflector, because I’ve never used one, so I can’t compare. This will be throwier than the stock orange peel reflector. It will work with the s2, s5, s6, s7, and s8, which have a deeper and throwier reflector than the s2+ and s3.

I skimmed the thread just so I could say that you’ve got both feet firmly planted in the wrong places based on your stated goals. Why don’t you (zoom zoom) fill us in on your requirements such as:

  • size
  • budget
  • runtime
  • range / beam width

To answer some of the stuff from your OP in my own way:

  • XHP50 is a bad idea for a thrower. It is probably only appropriate for multi-LED multi-cell flooders. EDIT: it is a bad idea because it’s a multi-die emitter with a large surface area and a low surface brightness. The multi-die aspect ensures an ugly beam when tightly focused (cross / plus / ‘x’ / donut in the beam). The size/shape of the light emitting area can only give a broad beam with limited penetration.
  • Tube lights are bad ideas for throwers. Achieving high efficiency and good focus is easier with a larger reflector.

LED suggestions have already been made. If Convoy is what you want please look at the Convoy C8: New Convoy C8 on sale ,hope you love it

For more information on the potential problems of using the XHP50 or XHP70 look into the problems that were previously experienced using the SSC P7.

For more information on how “throw” works please refer to this: DrJones - Flashlight Optics - Dome, Dedoming and Throw.

I have a question about the convoys too, what about a good EDC with great flood from that series?

De domed xpg2 sounds cool, do you guys know if there's a previous members build I could copy off of? (I'll search after I post this) The more I look into the pre packaged drivers and leds the more I think I could pull it off and do one of my own. It would be sweet if I could have 3 convoys one 7135*8, one 7135*4, and one custom light all side by side.

on a side note, I did order 3 of those smooth reflectors you posted legolas, I'll order a couple of those 5/10 degree optics and see if they're worth using too and what is best. Right off the bat I'll have two 7135*8 flashlights with low/med/hi modes so I can compare.

Thanks for for the comment wight, I just saw it. I'll check out your link! like I posted I have a 1000 lumen light that throws and is plenty wide enough for me, right now I want a small pocketable light that is as bright as I can get on a high mode setting and I'd like for the beam to reach out and touch somebody at 1000'. Since that's not possible as close to 1000' as I can get will do! For now my monster flashlight does an awesome job at throwing light but I am also going to be in the market for a medium size flashlight that is dedicated to throwing as far as possible. I don't care how wide the beam is it does not matter at all. I work on the river, the further I can see the safer everything is, and I don't mind spending $100 on a flashlight if it's bright enough to justify it.

Sorry zoom zoom, I missed that post (#5). I’ve read it now.

There are plenty of BLF discussions on which of the Convoy tube lights is the best for throw, here is one: Convoy S2-S4-S5-S6, Which Is The Best Thrower? From what comfychair said, it sounds as if the S4 reflector is what you want. (and probably an XP-G2, good cell, and DD driver…)

In case you haven’t seen them, another thing to play with would be the Ahorton lenses. You’ll have to stick with a larger host for that (eg the size you have now), but you should be able to extract more throw than your current light.

@ lawenforcementguy: Check the FastTech TIR options. They have those in several emission angles up to sixty degree. I have the forty-five degree optic in my light, which makes a nice floody beam. I tried the sixty degree optic and found that to be too floody, it was like using the light as a mule.

For what you are asking...great flood with brightness would be to assemble an S2 triple with a DD driver. RMM...aka Mountain is the place to look.

Thanks for your input! I read through the whole thread by DrJones that you linked in your previous post, a couple times. I thought I was following what he said pretty well, then I grabbed a pen and paper and drew what seems to be a 5 year olds rendition of speakers with sound waves and managed to thoroughly confuse myself even more. Lol, I'll work it out eventually. That thread could use a few simple illustrations.

A de-domed XP-G2, as has been said, throws nicely in the S2. I like the S2 as a thrower over the larger lights mainly because my shoulder is messed up and I just can’t get the big lights to fly like the smaller ones.

Oops! Drugs and coffee! :stuck_out_tongue:

You don’t need a fat reflector to get good throw. In fact, a long, smaller diameter reflector will throw more light forward than the average C8 size reflector with 60ish degree spill. You won’t get as small a spot but light that would otherwise be wasted as spill, gets reflected. An LED (especially a domed one) isn’t as bright at the edges so a short, wide reflector (with a large flat area around the emitter) reflects mostly dim warm light at the spot while more of the brighter, cooler light gets wasted as spill.

Unfortunately, a small reflector would need to be quite a bit longer to be a more effective thrower. And to maintain the parabolic curve, it would also grow in diameter slightly but I think it would still be much more pocketable than a C8. As far as I know, nothing like that exists but one mod I’d like to do when I get my S2 is to add a polished bezel that follows the reflectors contour out beyond the lens.

the s2 now has a smooth reflector available on simon’s convoy store—haven’t seen it anywhere else. unfortunately I don’t thing it fits the shorter S lights. if you are stuck on the tube S- series convoys, I’d get the regular s2 and either the smooth reflector and an xpg2 de-domed on a noctigon and drive it right around 3A or use the spacer and run a triple

When you say ‘run a triple’. Do you mean a 3 LED setup? Are there boards that small with 3 LED’s?

How would they be wired ? Parallel? So 9 amps. YIKES. GUESS running a singles 18650 at 100 % won’t give long run times ! But 3600 lumen in an S2 ooooihhh :slight_smile:

Could be a fun but ‘pointless ’ project.

NeilP, I think using search would really help you out a lot. 20mm triples are common here @ BLF. RMM sells them as well as the parts to build them on your own. Plenty of folks build them entirely on their own without getting the spacer hardware from RMM. Search will fill you in.

Not seen them that is all.
Never occurred to me that you’d get 3 in that small space. Not something I had been looking for so would not have thought to do a search for them. Rather like not searching for 100mm stars with 200 LED’s on. Not something I had thought about or thought I’d need, so would not have thought of searching for it.

Search is easy enough on a computer , but do most of this on pokey little iPhone screen.
Been hoping to get stuff from Richard but although he says he is open I think he is still very wrapped up in studies and family stuff.

Being in UK we can’t order directly from his site, have to do International orders via e-mail etc. First order a few weeks ago I eventually cancelled as he was studying and did not have time to organise it. Been waiting a day or so since my last order request went in, and still not heard back. Don’t want to keep pestering him if he does not have the time. I got stuff from FastTech last time because he was wrapped up in his studies. Although he has great stuff on his site, if I can’t get any of it, not a lot of point in looking. I’ll give him a few more days then order elsewhere for now. Don’t want to be a pain to him, sounds like he has enough to cope with at the moment.