Convoy S2+ Desert Tan Available Now!

Orange is definitely something I plan to look into. Just promise me if I can work out an orange S2+ you wont break the tip off. :wink:

Perhaps you should add this picture to the bottom of the OP and note that this is about the brightest orange possible in anodized aluminum.
Cerakote seems too expensive. And I don’t think powder coating is strong enough to be worth the effort.

Well, I don’t want to add that pic to the OP here for two reasons.

First, I don’t want to throw people off anymore than they already are since this is the Desert Tan thread and I can’t even post that color yet.

Second, just because it’s the closest I’ve seen doesn’t mean it absolutely can’t be done. I certainly haven’t seen every color orange out there. I do think that a true HA III anodizing is probably out because that extra coating allegedly darkens colors quite a bit. Still, once we get to the point of possibly producing an orange one I’d like to see what Simon can come up with.

Thank you! I also thank tristanxoxo and wight for all the feedback on the S8. I opened a bit of a can of worms there but it shed light on several aspects of the S8 that I did not know. Wight mentioned that he did not have the S8 but noted several flaws based on what he had read of the S8 including links to reviews with pics. We’ve nearly come full circle now as it was clear there were issues with the early release of the S8 and thanks to additional feedback based on more recent versions it is clear that Simon has already corrected some of the issues. Knowing this makes me much more inclined to reconsider the S8 for future projects particularly with the crenelated bezel lopped off. :wink:

Apparently I’ve never experienced the first release S8. These newer ones are what I’ve been working with and it’s my favorite out of the bunch.
I just wish it had a deep carry clip just like the A6 but properly fabricated.

My tube light of choice is the S2, for 1 big reason, its reflector. I’m not sure why Simon don’t sell them with SMO reflectors. I build all my S2s with SMOs, AR glass, pocket clips, both XP-L & XP-G2. To me its a much better combination between flood and more throw. The S2+ is quite far from the S2 in terms of throw, specifically built with dedomed XP-G2 S4 - really a nice light.

I’ve built many of these S2s with flawless beam patterns, no rings at all. Furthermore not sure why Simon don’t like them. Herewith some specs on a built I did with a dedomed XP-G2 S4. Take note the light in the photos has an XP-L Hi in, the XP-G2 was not in my hands anymore at the time.

I’m not a fan of the S8’s looks. I’m with you on the better heat dissipation & more mass created by the fins, but aesthetically it does not do it for me. Mmm, difficult one. Also, the square bezel at the front… the same thing, does not look good, my perception again. Its a pity the S2+ does not take the longer reflector, not too mention the SMO long reflector which I prefer by far. And, another pity - the 18350 tubes does not fit the Convoys with the longer reflector.

If the S2+ came out with the longer SMO reflector and some AR glass standard, it would have been awesome. The 18350 option becomes an issue then, not enough space for the battery to fit, the light will probably have to be a bit longer to make this work. What can you ask for more, compact, nice combination of throw & flood, looks good, has great pocket clip options, can run it in a short version with an 18350 and then some AR glass… Not bad!

I totally agree with you! IMO the beam pattern of the SMO reflector with a XP-G2 or XP-L is just gorgeous and much better than the OP reflector. It has a nice defined hotspot with a smooth spill. Although when I tried a XP-L Hi, I had a few faint rings in the beam.

I just wanted to note that Simon DOES offer the S2 & S8 with a SMO. You just have to send him a note. If you take a look at the listings, it says so in one of the pictures.

Mmm, ok, thanks for that tip tristanxoxo, I did not know that. :slight_smile:

Hey shrick! Little by little many of these things are being worked out.
As tristanxoxo mentioned the SMO reflector is already available.
AR glass is already made too, it’s just not listed yet. Simon isn’t sure where it is at the moment though. LOL! It’s in one of the boxes still to be unpacked & sorted from the factory relocation. My goal is to have AR glass stock on the Desert Tan/Black version. Other S2 options may come down the line too but we’ve got to take one thing at a time. :wink:

The S2, S5, S6 and S8 all use the same pill/reflector. I don’t know about any others except the S2+ with the taller pill / shorter reflector. I always use the SMO reflectors also. Awesome beam…

I thought I read and saw pictures showing that you could fit the S2 reflector in an S2+, you just need to also use the smaller S2 pill as well. Can anyone confirm this is correct?
S2 reflector with S2 pill fits fine in the S2+?

The UV S2+ also has a SMO reflector, not sure how it compared to the other S series SMO though.

I just noticed that today while looking at Simon’s store. I’m guessing it’s a shallow reflector though, like the standard S2+ OP reflector.

I was thinking the same, know of anyone who has one that could take measurements?

Yeah we can get a smooth reflector but it is indeed the same shallow style as the OP S2+.

I’m almost positive the S2 reflector will not fit and I think the S2+ has an integrated shelf, not a screw in pill. Somebody correct me if I’m wrong…

Edit: Even though it would indeed be shallower I’m sure we could get a smooth reflector in the S2+. It wouldn’t be as throwy as the S2 but it might be decent. I wish I had thought of that two days ago when Simon shipped my last order. I could have had him throw in a smooth reflector. Still, I’ll inquire.

That’s great news. Even though a SMO in the S2+ might not throw much further, I personally like the more defined hotspot SMO reflectors tend to produce.

Also, unless the S2+ has been changed recently, it has a pill (not an integrated shelf).

The main photo of the UV S2+ shows a SMO reflector because that’s how it was originally offered, but Simon has swapped it to OP too as you can see further down the product listing page. I bought one before the change though, so I have that reflector. I swapped mine out for OP because of some issues with the beam, so I think Simon made the right choice by changing it, at least in that particular light with that emitter.

They’re basically identical though, aside from the surface treatment of course. The only other difference is the emitter opening. Obviously the SMO reflector was made with the 3535-package UV emitter (or some other XP-sized LED) in mind. Here’s a comparison photo:

I sometimes like a tight hotspot and sometimes don’t. It all depends on the situation. I use flashlights a lot for up close work and in that situation a blinding hotspot stinks. Last night I was working on the undercarriage of a refrigerator most of the night and there my S3 was perfect. My S2+ would have served just as well but my S3 was closer. If I’m outside at night I almost always want more throw. I live “out in the country” so throw is very useful not to mention just plain fun! :smiley:

You’re probably right about the pill. I was going off a very vague memory and I was probably thinking about the S3. Thanks for the info.

I forgot about the smaller emitter opening though that’s a mod even I could probably handle with a drill bit. I can ask Simon to make some smooth reflectors with the standard XML opening if this is something people want. I’d really like to see the beam from a smooth reflector S2+.
If anyone out there has a smooth reflector in an S2+ please post pics.

My thought is to keep the smaller diameter reflector since the XP-L gives you an XM-L-style emitter option to use. That keeps the option to be optimized for the XP-G2.

I have the standard deeper SMO reflector for the S2 with the XP-sized opening. My eventual plan is to use the SMO reflector with a 3A Qlite driven XP-G2 to make what I hope will be a decent pocketable thrower. The extra throw makes a difference when you are trying to discern if those glowing eyes in the field are from your cat or an invading skunk…

This sums it up for me… :crown: