Convoy S2 for muggles?

Good thing it isn’t 4 years ago any more then. The current ones get warm but far from being able to burn your hand. Maybe warm up your tea.

Anyway I also wish Simon would update his old micro usb lights to usb-c. Some of those designs are nice.

For heat / runtime issues, don’t forget that convoys have that 0.1/1/10/50 mode.
I use it with the l21b to allow passing around and a 100% duty cycle max.

I’d say the opposite tbh… although it might be dependant on the exact LED and battery you are running. 55 degrees is very hot to hold. I’ve recently got an Osram W1 S2+, it gets too hot IMO. Not very nice to hold and you really need gloves or have to turn it off. It also gets to temp very quickly.

I don’t think you can. You can switch it from smooth ramping to 4 stepped ramping. But it is still ramping. It doesn’t change the fundamentals of how it works.

I was tailstanding a 2.8A S2+ when the bulbs blew in a storage room. 5-10min tops. Went to grab it to turn if off, and it was like grabbing the business end of a curling iron.

Barely managed to use a shirt as an improvised oven-mitt, just long enough to turn it off before it went supernova. Took another 10min or so before I could even grab it with the shirt.

Don’t underestimate how hot they can get.

If you’re getting it for The Muggle, get a lower-current light. Maybe 4 or 6 7135s instead of 8. (Dunno its newre drivers, if any.)

But yeah, Sofirn and Wurkkos are solid lights, too. Honestly, I’m all flashlighted out to keep tabs on all the different new lights in all the major brands, so my own knowledge is already outdated.

But if getting a light that doesn’t have onboard charging, see if you got or can get a cell with built-in charger. They’ll have the charging circuit and protection built-in, which is perfect for The Muggle.

This is what the mode instructions states:

That’s strange since it shouldn’t depend on the LED or battery since the driver should start stepping down when it reaches the set temperature.

I just measured my triple 519A S3 on high. It gets to around 110 degrees Fahrenheit and then starts stepping down. That’s not even close to being too hot.

Maybe I’m more used to my MTN FET drivers that get almost unbearable hot before they step down, unless I change the max temp.

I know we all have different tolerances, but I agree. I think 55 C is about as warm as a cup of tea - which is to say, nowhere near what I’d call too hot. Maybe the skin on my hands is thick?

I have had a few S2+’s in my regular EDC rotation, SST20, 219b, 519a, Osram W1, and never had issues using them at 100% - although to echo Chicken Drumstick I do agree that the Osram W1 gets up to top heat very quickly.