CooYoo Quantum

I just got this one and didn’t see a thread on it so here we go. I’ll have to add pics later.

This comes on a card with a clear blister plastic front, the packing is attractive and boldly claims 130 lumens and a 1 hour run-time on the side, but at the bottom in smaller print Lumens are listed as High 130 and Low 8, and runtimes are given as High 30 min with Low 6h. Also claims IPX8 water resistance, 1.5M drop-resistance, and a 59M range. The back of the card denotes it’s features, such as a Cree XP-G2 emitter and a 10180 cell size along with a warning to “Please do not shine direct human and animal eyes!”. Also noted is the USB charging, reverse cell protection and the 1 hour charge-time. Supplied with the light are 2 spare “O-rings” which are tiny so I expect to need them, and a beaded chain for use as neckwear. Also supplied is an instruction sheet, one side Chinese and the other side English. As usual, the English, while understandable, is somewhat lacking in wording, grammar, and clarity. It is comprehensive but older folks like me will need reading glasses and maybe a magnifying glass too as the font size can’t be more than 2 points.

The light is stainless, and the surface machining is OK, not rough but a fingernail can feel the ridges. There is linear slotting for grip on the head, four sets of three grooves, with the rest of the light smooth. The threading on the head feels tight with no wobble, just a little rough. The tailpiece is looser but adequate. The threads and O-rings do not seem to be lubricated, and a bit of lube goes a long way to making them feel much better. The keyring slot is very substantial and it would take many years use to wear through it, unlike a lot of other keyring lights I’ve seen or owned. It’s shape makes tail-standing possible, but that isn’t something I value on a keychain light since the attached keys usually negates this feature anyway. The supplied cell is marked “MIOS 0606” which I know nothing of. Unscrewing the head completely reveals the micro-USB port needed for charging. It is not accessible until the head is removed. The plug interface felt tight and only one cable I have would fit the charging port. When charging you’ll see a a red LED and when complete that switches to green. Inside the head on the driver is a domed brass terminal which looks fairly stout. From the front there is a plastic lens, the smooth reflector shows no defects, and the LED is well-centered. An O-ring seals the lens to the case. A couple gentle pokes with a penknife shows the lens to be somewhat soft which may lead to scratches if carried as intended. I would have preferred glass but at this price I’m not complaining. I have not tried to disassemble the head yet, I will update on that later.

Now down to the nitty-gritty; what does this light do? I have no measuring equipment, but in comparison to other lights I’d say the claim of 8 Lumens on low seems about right, but High may not reach the claimed 130 Lumens. However it is certain to be at least 100, which is great from a package this small. It’s floody with a consistent wide hotspot that spans about 1.5M at a 5M distance. No visible ringiness or artifacts. The spill is about 3 times as wide but weak; it seems well focused. The modes are selected by twisting tighter, and while there is a machined ‘stop’ on the body, selecting high happens far from it and it feels as if trying to reach the stop would likely break something. I twisted it harder than most people would attempt and had no problems, it is not delicate as some lights I’ve used have been although only time will tell how well this holds up. Neither is that setting ‘touchy’, it works with about 10 degrees head rotation before dropping to low. The head isn’t loose and I doubt that it will unscrew itself in your pocket ever. During a ten-minute run on high, the head is warm but not unduly so and the body slightly cooler. I don’t think overheating will be a problem with this light. I’ll have to add comments on run-time later.

Though not as small as my Streamlight Nano, the utility of the USB rechargable 10180 makes this light a consideration for it’s replacement. It is almost as small and vastly more usable with a much better tint. I doubt that you will find a better keychain light for the money, and with the cell easily replaced, the Cree emitter, and the stainless construction it should last many years. I think it’s a bit large and heavy for a neckchain light, but it’s perfect for a keychain. Unless you’ve got one of the small DQG lights, this is one I would highly recommend you try, the cost is minimal and the quality beyond what you’d expect for the price.

I’ll add pics and beamshots later, it’s late and I don’t have time to set up the camera but I wanted to have a thread for this light and also wanted this review to be true to my first impressions.


Welcome to the club, Phil :slight_smile:

Thanks for the review. I was thinking about trying one, especially after seeing the coupon prices. I was going with blue ti but decided on copper.

I just got this light a couple of weeks ago. Yup, its on my keychain, love it!

If you want to know more about this light it is the same as the Black Water Kite reviewed far better by M4DM4X ” HERE”:review: Black Water Kite Go for whichever one is cheapest at the moment, prices fluctuate as usual.