Copper S2+ limited edition

Was one of the first to order it, but had to cancel because I had not specified led and driver, et cetera.
Apparently this caused the light to re-appear in stock only moments ago. And I (re)ordered the (truly) last one. Sigh…

EDIT: And 15 hours later it is already on it’s way to me :partying_face:

Great, doesn't it? :-)

Mine is going to be a custom build with H1-A 3A boost driver and an XHP50 90+CRI G4 35G. Gotta decide if I'm gonna put a 10º or a 5º TIR on it. Up to 1600+ lumens OTF if I'm not mistaken, I could increase driving current a bit but it's going to be gifted to a non-flashaholic lady (a very smart person).

Cheers ^:)

Mines on the way and I ordered it as a host. It’s being kept to build out as a future gift. But if I take a liking to it then I’ll keep it.

This sounds interesting, please do post about it when you built it :slight_smile:

Barkuti, isn’t the H1-A 20mm? I thought the S2+ used a 17mm driver. I think what you are proposing would be an awesome build, so I’m just wondering how you are going to do it. I might be off on the driver dimensions or maybe there’s another H1-A I’m not aware of. I was looking at the one on KD. Thanks.

Yes, but take a look at Jensen567's S2+ builds. Since I have a powerful hot air gun I'm gonna solder the H1-A to the pill in a similar way (I also plan on slightly biting the H1-A board for the pill indentations).

Cheers ^:)

I cannot believe I missed this light!!
I certainly hope there is a batch #2 in the works…

Shame I have 4 Convoy’s already. Very nice…

Simon just told me … about 2 months for batch #2

Subscribed for batch #2

Me to

:+1: Ah, got it now.

Wow, I just got the host version and it’s pretty nice. I was planning on gifting it but now I’m going to keep it. Now only if Simon would make 18350 tube for it…

+1 :+1:

Simon better make it the L6 in copper soon.

If only he sells them as hosts, a triple nichia 219B rose tint is the best combination

Interesting development -

When I first received my Cu S2+ it had a pink cast. Now that it has been sitting on my desk for a couple of weeks, it has started turning more orangish. It will be interesting to watch the natural transformation of color as time goes by. It has a coating, but it must not be sealed from oxygen.

A good wipe down with acetone will remove that coating and let that beautiful copper breathe properly.

The copper S2+ host I received is not pink at all. The feel and weight is very substantial and I think with a copper S2+ pill from kiribaru, it is the perfect host for a 4500k 219B 9080 with perfect rosy tint driven hard.

Simon does, you just has to message him. I bought mine as a host.