COURUI D07 - XHP70, 3x18650, OP reflector

I`m sure blf can not miss this light.

More interesting features: indicator led sideswitch, two switches, stepless dimming mode 160-5000lm.
Cells are in carrier now and connected in series, so 3S cells powering 6V led (buck driver, no problems with turbo mode on almost empty cells).
For me it looks prettier than Convoy L6. What do you think?

Acebeam battery carrier lol

Yes thanks, I saw it and indeed missed it on BLF, but no time to post about it.

I am glad that series lights are coming out. This short design is phenomenal, and not the horrid drumstick handle.

Any beamshots? Throw? Very nice light, but expencive.

Candelas and range don’t fit together, so I don’t trust the lumens either. Perhaps more like this:

3series could be a good host for xhp35. Looks good. I have been waiting for a while for a Good host to do a mega xhp35 thrower.

To get some serious power and runtime out of a xhp35 build you’ll need to use a 4s setup.
3 x 4.2V = 12.6V while the XHP35 has a Vf of around 12.4 at 1A. If you want to overdrive it to around 2A the Vf would be the high for a 3S setup.

Looks good except for the bezel. Just a little too pricey.

Pretty it is not! Looks like a TM head with a Acebeam battery tube. Pretty played out! :smiley:

Maybe a little more info on their AliExpress store front:

D07 page:

I like the note bout the flashlight getting 80-90C on high: you may get scalded. Guess it has no temp monitoring...

Interesting store - they have some familiar looking lights, like the SupFire L5 (COURUI L5) with USB charging now

While I like what they are doing to the light… $70 pushes it out of the “budget light” category for me, regardless of how much comparable lights from “Name brands” may be.

Granted… the time it takes to mod a standard D07 to series with an XHP70, it may certainly be worth the price. But I don’t know….

Is there a driver that can push those emitters hard?

what realistic lighting distance?

I have this light with me for quite a while now. With a $70 price tag, D07 has below average build quality (reminds me of Ultrafire F13) and power (~55% of L6).

Good pics freeme. I actually like this form factor better, but 3S is an annoying configuration. I wish they would have just used 4 cells.

Same here. The pic with the illuminated button is just gorgeous. One detail that bugs me are the diagonal lines on the bezel. They just look like these cheap Skyray King clones with the red bezel. I don’t want to be reminded of a poor quality light like this…

Personally I like those lines, I like the contrast it gives. But I guess I’ll just be sticking with my S70. No reason to own both.

Yep, the mismatched diagonal lines on the bezel and the way thin remnants on the tail cap, make’s it a no-go for sure for me. Shows cheap design set. Makes me suspect there would be issues in the driver and/or carrier as well.