Cree, Luminus, Seoul Semiconductor, and Nichia LED comparison

Nicely done Scaru. Everyone new to LED flashlights should read this. It is the best compilation yet of all the commonly used LEDs.

Thanks for all the compliments guys, I figured this would be a good thing to have so I made it. This along with the tint, brightness bin, CRI thread ought to cover most of the newbie questions about LEDs.

I just wish there was something like this when I joined up. ;)

This! It should save inquisitive members a lot of searching and reading.

Just fixed those things Slim, Thanks!

Most of them that Illumination Supply has been shipping lately seem to be in the 4000K-4200K range. Units from earlier batches measured in the 4400K-4500K range. Looks like Nichia users get to play the tint lottery along with the Cree users.

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Oh wow! This is just the sort of thing I’ve been looking for to get my head around the model numbers. The only other thing I would like to see if possible is the data for SSC P7’s or any other model they do worth looking at.

Thanks for the work involved into testing and posting.

SSC P7? and the SSC S7? anyone has seen any data about the Z7´s?


Speak on this?

Scaru - And fantastic thread btw...Sticky!!!!

excellent info! we appreciate you taking the time to do this.

Great job of you!
Thank you very much and happy holidays.

Very Good 1 Stop Info.

Thx Scaru !

Updated some of the info on the Nichia 219s. As rojos pointed out not all Nichia 219s are Hi-CRI, only the H1 type. Due to this they are only available in bins up to B10.

If I can find enough info on the SSC-P7 I will add it.

SSC-P7 added. Sadly, I do not have enough information to add the Z7, I will continue to search for more info but I doubt I will find it.

Epic job Scaru!! :slight_smile: Cheers man!
The S2, S3, binned Cree XPG were unavailable when they first appeared because,
FourSevens (4Sevens) bought all the production!!!
i`m sure i read that the Seoul Semiconductor P7 is now discontinued…
………………. SSC Z7
….Merry Christmas Folks!

Sorry for the late reply, I hadn't noticed it.

They are actually available from my favorite source, Illumination Supply.

They are rather inefficient, and are 3000k so very yellow. It's all a matter of personal preference.

I actually already said that it was discontinued in the write up. ;) Thanks though.

lol, i type wiith one finger, `hunt and peck` :bigsmile: