Cree XPL-HD or HI

I’m really confused about this xp-l hi/hd and bin thing.
If I’m running a single 18650 get+1 Carclo 10507 should I use a XPL-HI V2 or XPL-HD W2?

Edit to make this question clearer.

Well, if this makes it easier; Hi is technically the same as HD, but factory dedomed and will therefore give more throw.
6200 K vs 5700 K is just the emitting color, so thats personal.

While using the carclo optics which are quite floody, i’d personally choose the xpl-hi

TIRs are generally designed for domed LEDs, and dedomed might screw with the spread. Lookit the Carclo spex just to be sure, they’ll sometimes have tables (efficiency vs emitter) for each lens.

Stick with the HD, as it’s marginally more efficient anyway.

But the XP-L HD may need to be de-domed to fit into the optic, whereas the XP-L HI will fit. See this mtnelectronics page an example…… same thing for all the 105xx Carclo’s with HD’s , AFAIK. Not a problem for Nichia 219’s though; at least not the 10507 I have with 219C’s.

It’d kick arse with some XP-E2s…


Some weeks ago I “had to” mod a triple optic to make it fit 3 XP-L HD leds (instead of 3 XP-G3)! It can be done and my inspiration was this thread from Richard (MTN): HowTo: Modify Carclo Optics for XP-L Use--For $0.25 .

It is not difficult to do it, but it is not easy to make the lens equally balanced while sanded/drilled!

About the use of XP-L HI or HD, I tend to prefer HI with Neutral white tint (XP-L HI U6-3A). However, the XP-L V6 3D are quite nice !