Crescendo clicky firmware by TK

hurray, 100 watt iron arrived, one touch soldering with the star in situe, installed Gcharts ramping UI 2nd attempt and it works. (NANJG layout on the red convoy C8 board).
running temperatures are spot on, and the ramp down works on turbo/max ramp, also the battery check is as close as.

draws 1.7 amps with the battery at 3.7v at the battery end on turbo/max ramp, thats that sorted.

thank you everybody, i actually got help on here, nice one. :+1:

edit: and just confirmed the LVP works too. (battery at 3.11v after a few minutes rest. light switched off).

That was an entertaining read, thanks for taking the time :slight_smile:

I’ll put something together. I found some of my old 841 code too, it might be of use.


What else is there? I can use either switch (though forward would be best) it’s just that the default needs to start at turbo.

I hear the Olight Warrior X is pretty good for tactical purposes. There are lots of others to choose from in that general category though. I’m probably not the best person to give tactical recommendations, since I don’t really know much about it.

can we have a defined explanation of ‘tactical flash’ light’?

This might help:

I think Bistro FW can be made to always start in turbo.

You know I’m talking about tactical with “ramping”. I already have several tactical lights.

Crescendo could be modified to start in turbo. You could just reverse the ramp table so it starts with 100% FET, and turn off memory. I think this would start in turbo then automatically ramp down? I’ve always used memory so I’m not certain how it behaves with no memory. Is there an additional simple modification to make it just turn on in turbo and stay there?

For that, I’d recommend Anduril with the START_AT_MEMORIZED_LEVEL option turned on, maybe also with the boot code modified a little to do turbo by default instead of memory. This way, the tail clicky switch would work as a tactical momentary button, while a side e-switch provides access to ramping and all the other general-purpose stuff.

Or Crescendo could be modified to start at the top instead of the bottom, but it’ll still be prone to doing odd things when bumped. Even with modifications, I don’t think I’d recommend it for tactical purposes.

ahh yes tactical… but strobes gunna be a dead give away, can you imagine it, out side the cartell, everyone’s in position, shh….shhhhh? whats that noise? i mirrion candle power strobe mode…WITH RAMPING!!..

hmm… inddeadly…

Thanks! I didn’t even see all these options on Mountain Electronics site before this thread.

What kind of fuse I have to use with the Crescendo25?. Moreover, it would be possible to use these same fuses with the Attiny25 and 85?


Some firmware projects have recommended fuse values inside the source file. However, for all of mine, check the bin/flash-tiny* scripts in the code repository to see the most up-to-date recommended fuse values for each MCU.

Okay, I just updated a bunch of source files to remove any outdated fuse info from the .c file and replace it with a pointer to the flashing scripts. Those scripts are much more actively maintained, and more likely to be correct.

No, it uses some sort of 10-leg chip as the controller. I don’t know what it is, except that it’s not any of the chips Crescendo supports.

In the bin/flash-* scripts in my firmware repository, it has recommended fuse values for each type of controller chip and usually a link to a calculator which shows what those values mean.

In most cases though, the fuses don’t need to be flashed. Sending a .hex file by itself is typically fine, and less risky.

Almost there. But it’s not under ToyKeeper/ , it’s under bin/ . :slight_smile:

BTW, to compile the code for an arbitrary driver, you’ll probably need to edit the source a little bit to choose relevant settings. And the crescendo.c file also points to those same flashing scripts for info about the fuse values.

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ToyKeeper, I just wanted to say a big THANK YOU! for all of your hard work creating these awesome flashlight interfaces for all of us flashlight fanatics to use—your work is very much appreciated!