CRX FW3A Mods & Teardown

Awesome mod CRX! :+1: :beer:

:wink: :+1:

CRX - in swapping to the Noctigon, did you sand it down or did the thickness work out ok or handled in another way?

Also interested in this since I have a L4P all ready to go waiting for a FW3A, lol.

There’s not much difference, I had no problem but I have used a very slightly thinner GITD O-ring, I’m sure the stock one would be fine, a little extra pressure on the MCPCB which is good.
Stock MCPCB = 20mm x 1.45mm, Noctigon = 20mm x 1.72mm.

Nice, in that case the LED4Power one is actually 1.5mm so no issues. Good to see it should drop in most of the good triple boards out there

Do you know if the stock springs are steel, bronze or copper?

No idea, haven’t seen anything about them. Could be silvery coated steel or something?
I did get a slight boost by bypassing them.

Are they magnetic? That would narrow it down

Didn’t even think :smiley: :person_facepalming:
Not magnetic.

Great stuff, as always. What would be the best size kapton tape to buy for this?

I have 30mm wide kapton tape, two strips of this will leave a gap of approx 2.0464mm, I cut thinner strips to fill this but it should be fine without.


Is anyone doing trit tail switches/caps?

Try to convince DrafterDan to make some for sale :innocent:

I dropped a PM to Neal about FW3A Trit tail caps… he will see if Lumintop is interested in making them?

Very impressive CRX! I like your tailcap tritium design. :+1:

Cool, might be a great seller, will probably need a redesigned rubber boot too :+1:

Thanks mate, yeah it was about the only way I could do it without machines and retain most of the original machined button look.
This is why I was so dismayed when that wabbit appeared on the final prototype! :smiley:

Right on, he has Glo Caps …… but Trits are waaaaaaay Cooler! Been eyeing the 1.5x3x9mm retangular trits……