Custom 17mm 5Amp PWM-less linear driver-preliminary

Ooops, wut if you hold it too long? Undecided

I had it sort of working - least I saw it ramp up, and ramp down, but could not follow the procedure to get it to ramp down. Also there seems like a timeout is involved, like you have it leave it on maybe 3 secs before you can turn it off - really didn't figure it out. I might have "bricked" it now, not sure - waiting to hear back from led4power.

Then you get into the functions that requires long presses on the switch. If you check my review I have done a trace where I have marked all the functions on:

Ohhh - crap, think I reset the over-temp setting -- that would explain what I'm seeing, maybe... I'll try the 15 sec reset thing.

I sent you PM Tom.In ramping UI,if e-switch isn't pressed for more than about 1.5sec,it shuts down on next press.

It's back to working fine! K, will go a bit slower, carefully this time.

I took my time but here it is! Fell free to make critical comments as this is supposed to be clear for newbies.

For reminder, it’s already 4 weeks, almost 5 weeks…. :smiley:

You missed this part: ” +time for assembly.” :stuck_out_tongue: But seriously, I’m getting antsy too, ready for this to become available. :bigsmile:

For something this unique, I am willing to wait as long as necessary.

I personally am looking to see if the auto-zero version will become available at some point.

For awhile I was thinking of doing a gb for California members but now I’m thinking of getting 5 just for meeee!

I'm still waiting for some parts and pcbs,but I have serious trouble with pic12f1840-e/mf availability,it's out of stock even on microchip page,so I ordered them at (2x price just like everything in EU),but guess what,now they're telling me they don't have it in stock.

So I need a trustworthy BLF member from USA to buy them from,and send them to me with fastest conventional shipping option(not DHL,UPS,Fedex...). Prize is 40$ or 5 finished drivers.

I suppose that member who is closer to Newark will get package faster,so that member has advantage.

:_( If only I was in the USA! I would buy them for you in a second!!

I am in for 8 of these drivers if they are around the $15 mark.

how many do you need?

NEWARK won’t ship them to you?

100pcs,I don't see shipping option outside of usa,but based on shipping price from mouser (120€) and digikey (120$) to my country,I don't think that newark will be much cheaper.

Other sources:

For Avnet shipping to me is 90$,future 60$,+extra charges by fedex.

I’ve ordered from Newark but it takes a week to get to me. I’m in if no one else steps up.

I sent you a PM. Newark usually gets to me in two days. From here to you will be 10-14 days though.

I do not need any compensation for helping out.

I will send out the parts to led4power on Saturday. Expect 10-14 days for them to arrive, so it's in the works still, just taking a little longer due to parts availability.


That’s good news. Thanks for stepping up, especially with your uncertain future. Once again you prove that you are a driving force here at BLF.


You just dont see people these days going out of their way to help someone out, especially someone you don’t know. O-L you certainly are a stand up guy!


Personally, I would have taken three and GAW’ed two of them. But that’s my opinion.

I have never shipped anything overseas, so I didn’t volunteer. Wouldn’t want to muck up a $100+ investment because of inexperience.