D4V2 operation...

I just got a d4v2… I thought the lockout was 6 button clicks but it doesn’t lock out, it turns on the auxiliary lights. What else do I need to know about this light as far as operation? I got the kr2 driver installed in it from hank.

Lockout mode is 4 clicks, 6 clicks is muggle mode. See here: ANDURIL USER MANUAL & LIST OF LIGHTS

How do I get the colored LEDs to stop lighting when I put it into lockout mode. Or is that just how it is? So many options lol

if you’re in lockout mode while off 3 clicks change aux mode 3hold changes color
if not locked its 7C/7H

One last question. If I want to update the driver, do I do so for d4v2 or kr4since technically it has kr4 driver?

KR4, but make sure which version (fet/nofet) you have.

Hmm. Any way to differentiate?

Usually it can be deduced from the LEDs. Some models like the E21A do not like high currents, so the driver uses the nofet firmware.

Anduril 2 will have a way to read out the model, but that’s not yet included in any flashlight.

So how can I tell on my D4V2?

Which LED do you have?

Xp-l hi v3

That should be fine with using the FET firmware. You can confirm it by setting floor and ceiling to extreme values (smooth ramp, ramp settings, floor and ceiling each one click of the switch), ramp the whole range from floor to ceiling and count the blinks (if there are any). It should flicker only once at about 2/3 of the ramp and once more when it reaches the ceiling. Then it is using the FET version. If it doesn’t blink it uses nofet.

Flashing nofet is always possible. The only downside is that the flashlight might be a bit darker if it used the FET previously.