Deal is Off Again! - EXPIRED - Duracell Ion-Core AA LSD 4-pack $8.99 + 2nd pack 40% off @ Toys-R-Us

Sam's Club has these too, but not as good a deal. The packages said made in Japan. The had a charger, 8AA, 4AAA for around $29. They also had these:

Duracell LSD China vs “Duraloop” LSD Japan and Duracell Ion Core Japan
All cells were were charged at 1000mA and discharged at 700mA

The 2 cells on the left are the Made in China Duracell and the 2 on the right are made in Japan

Now the 4 Ion Core Duracells in this thread

Help! Where are you seeing the 40% discount on the second pack?
My cart will only show the $8.99 price X 2. Thanks in advance.

40% off second pack was last week, unfortunately.

2 years in a row I've missed this one ..

Looking forward to missing it next year too.

* Maybe i'll go stare at them like I did last year and have a clueless salesperson shrug at me again .

I think I’ll join you in that heartbreak… I went to the redwood city location last night. Nothing on the shelves. Customer service steadfastly and resolutely refused to check inventory to see if there was anything hiding somewhere. (Because, of course, they’d have to actually do some work if they found something!) A vague wave in the general direction of the batteries was all they could manage. On the plus side, they’d been too lazy to pull down the 40% off tags (expired on the 22nd, I think), so if I’d found anything, I would’ve agitated for a bigger discount.

Two part micro update…

- the TRU website still shows these at $8.99. When I bought (different location than the RWC that I moaned about above, btw), they scanned at the store price, but I showed the guy the TRU website on my phone and with no arguing, he marked them down. (Parenthetically, it makes me wonder if a “crafty” individual could cache a webpage with a price of one’s own choosing…)

- the duraleXXs seem to have a fractionally shorter button top (+) than regular eneloops, so they didn’t work in my (frikkin) bosch laser until I dremeled away a tiny bit of plastic.

I should have 2 unopened packs of these things, plus 2 or 3 more unused cells and the cell I did the testing on. I wish I could find them. I’ve got a project I can use them on ATM. Frustrating.

I also noticed that. They did not always make good contact with the terminal in my C9000 charger.

My local Walgreens had them for $8.99 I don't know if they do now. I don't think they are Eneloops.

I tested them in a high drain (6amps) light against the original eneloops. These things dropped voltage like a rock real fast, as in a couple minutes, where my original eneloops held much longer, as in ten minutes. I do not believe they are eneloops rebranded.

They looked fine in my testing a year ago. Were yours “Made in Japan”? The older Duracell “precharged” cells could either be duraloops or something else that was “Made in China”.

Yes, the same packaging and wrappers and made in japan on the package. They just did not perform like eneloops. They dropped to 1V quick as can be and the eneloops just dropped slowly like they always do. If they are new eneloops, I don't want them. I will keep them for low drain stuff in the house, but I won't use them for flashlights. I have 2 packs of them and they both behave the same way.

Huh, thanks. I just went back and checked what I said about the old ones, they sure seemed fine: tested a single Duraloop-XX @ 5A

Do you have an opportunity to do a 5A discharge? (I assume not or you would have already.) If you could do that it would give results which could be compared (at least a little) to both my results and HKJ’s results.

Regardless, it sounds like something to watch out for.

EDIT: Rather than testing @ 5A or whatever you could just mention how long the cell took to drop below 1v. HKJ’s charts show that the Eneloop XX I decided my Duracell Ion Core was equivalent to could maintain >1.0v for ~25min at 5A and 18-19min at 7A. Stands to reason that you should see around 23min of >1.0v. I guess that’s not what you got though!

Am I correct in recalling that the Eneloop XX doesn’t maintain it’s voltage under load quite as well as regular Eneloops, or am I confusing it with something else? I’ll try to find my logs and post some numbers when I get the chance.

It’s an extremely slight difference. Regular does better at the most extreme currents, but not enough to matter IMO. XX does better at lesser currents, not enough to matter.

The Duracell online deal is back on, buy first pack at $8.99, buy 2nd pack for $8.99 - 40% off. Pickup in-store.

Both stores close to me are out of stock. Hope they get some in soon.

Toys-R-Us 40% off 2nd pack deal is ON! (order online, pickup in store)

Ok this year i walked in during a huge rain shower so they really didn't have any business and i noticed a big crowd around the customer service of them was clearly a manager (assistant) .When I brought them up to the register I said there is a buy one and the second one is 40% off . She rang them up and said ..20.68$..To which i said "i think it's supposed to be like $14.28" which she said ..NO " it's 12.99 and the second one is ...."..

Just to prove me wrong she got online and said ..."OH bad " it's 8.99 and 40% off of 8.99 is ..

So this time I scored a couple packs just to try the newer duraloops ...

not a great deal .. not a bad deal.. /

new loops makes everyone happy :)