dedome failed - one bondwire broken

Hey guys!

i tried “hot dedome” and failed - one bondwire is broken on my XP-L (1A from the BLF A6)

it still lights up…

  • but will it fail soon?
  • how much less amps can it handle
  • say “good for a 2A buid - but DD will kill it 100%”

Can’t answer the question but can feel your pain :wink:

Although mine was accidentally done during a reflow.

Cheers David

That thread starting at post 413 talks about it being for an ESD diode.

I’d roughly guess you can get away with half the maximum current the LED can handle. ie, about 3A. Don’t use it as your SHTF light though!

SHTF light ???

i was assuming the “half the amps thing”
i put it in a drawer for … whatever use somedays.

i think i better learn how to shave (a LED)…. :smiley:

The key to a good shave is in the lather. Also shave against the grain and finish off with a good moisturizer.

You mean like this 0:)

Cheers David


lol. Don’t use the light in a situation where your safety depends on it.

thanks :slight_smile: