Density cubes

Does anybody else collect density cubes? :smiley:

I think they are cool.
I got a few from Aliexpress, but the weight does not really match the official weight.
For example 1 cm3 of Titanium should weigh 4.507 grams, but I measured 4.60g with my digital scale, which I also got from Aliexpress lol

I don’t, but those are very cool. I like the feel of chunks of metal in hand.

Is the copper cube really copper, or is it brass? :wink:

Uranium is a bit hard to get I bet

And the Kryptonite, well :confounded:

I only need the plutonium one for the full set.

My Hg one isn’t quite a cube anymore. Damnedest thing…

I’ve bought a bunch of things over time on Kickstarters… oops.

Cubes at the front are Forge Solid (Tungsten + Magnesium-Lithium), in the middle are Spheroids (Cu + Ti), back left are spheres (Cu + Ti), and back right are element cubes (no Tungsten though).

Terrible 3D printed one in the middle behind the spheroids though. Blah.

they told you to keep it below –40°C all the time

and all the gas cubes are only made from hollow plastic

I find the concept interesting, but the prices of even the cheapest cubes are just crazy.

Ach! I was only keeping it under –40°F instead!

Classic science joke!

What, no Osmium?

Donny or Marie?

Anyone got the Californium one they want to swap?

I got a Delawarium. Want?


I want unobtainium the stuff either seen in The Core or Avatar

and could send me someone the Au, Pt, Ir, Pd, Os cubes please?,searchweb201602*,searchweb201603*

Well, that stinks! Checks price: $13/gram, 1cm x 1cm =76 grams, $977,