Dental Loupes Headlight DIY help

Thanks for the info! You said the right light had a new driver (1A) but also different optics? What optics are you using? Also that 3d printed battery holder is awesome. I wish I could do that, but I just started learning about making this light just recently lol. I was also looking at the luxdrive buckpuck driver, but it looks like the one you use is much smaller and can fit into the battery casing better?

It took some time to finish the new light but it turned out very satisfying. I redesigned the housing from scratch in onshape cloud CAD software, which is free and great. (onshape file)
I used @Lexel ’s custom 1A 20 mm buck driver, 2x 21700 batteries with a protection circuit from a 2s2p battery pack. LED connection and charging is both done via the USB-C port (non standard wiring)

Wait, did you make that whole thing and design it? if you did then, wow - it’s really good! Well done!
You should enter it in the old lumens competition really.

@quics, Thanks for sharing your excellent results, that holder looks great.

i might suggest to add some buttress support to the pin holder since that is a highly loaded area based upon the many broken belt clips i have experienced—the clip gets torqued when the device snags on a chair or edge of table, etc.

Hey guys sorry to revive an old thread.
I am also looking to make my own dental loupe headlight, because I get some flickering while filming with the one I have.

Any idea which LED I should buy?

I also have a 3d printer at home to make some parts if needed.

Hi, could you help me with a similar project?

I already have a structure, I should just change the led and maybe the lens.

I indicate the site:

What type of the light is on these pictures? Do you have a link?
I am looking for the the light for my wife which is the dentist.


I’m sorry, I don’t have a link, as I have bought this light at IDS 2019 but never found the actual producer online. The battery housing is self made - the onshape file can be accessed by the link above - you can have it printed and have @lexel make a driver that supplies 1A of power with Anduril UI which is simply great. You just need some soldering experience and some additional parts such as USB-C plugs and couplings from ebay, a battery protection PCB from an old 2S LiIo battery, brass sheet metal for contacts and some wires to put it together.
as an alternative light I highly recommend this one: Ynd-b2l5 Round Beam Dental Headlight - Buy Dental Headlight,Headlight Product on
It’s not as tightly focused but I’m currently using it instead of the other one together with my selfmade battery pack since the LED got weaker after a year of daily using ist for 5-6 h and I have not yet replaced the LED.

Hiya, just wondering if you could access the LED to change it with the original lamp you had? looking at potentially buying the same one as I want a more focused beam than the Ali one. TYIA

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