direct shipping? and abbreviations

Hi there, I think I am in the right forum to find a couple of answers :slight_smile: I have been wondering what the difference is between China direct and U.S. direct shipping to the USA. I sorta have a feeling it may not be a simple answer (?) and I don’t mind reading if there any links that may help explain it.

Also, is there a post that list abbreviations commonly used within this forum? I am catching on to some of the terminology but I need to improve so I can have more fun.

Thank you

From banggood China direct was full 2 weeks for item to get to me and US direct was 1 week
CS wont tell you what city warehouse is located but it is in US

Check HERE for a good intro with the usual abbr’s and acronyms listed toward the end of the first post.


Thanks, I appreciate the help

Pretty nice that there are some products closer for faster delivery. Now that I know the difference, should I be selecting U.S. direct every time or is there possibly an additional cost? To me it sounds like a dumb question but I have to ask. I would try it myself to find out but I believe I have already stumbled around enough on some of the sites I have bought from that I may not be able to correct a mistake if I am wrong :open_mouth: , and pay the piper “so to speak” for my curiosity.

Thank you, I had a feeling there was a devoted post. I tried a few times to find it and danged if I didn’t get side tracked every time sniffing out a completely different and interesting thread that got in the way. lol

This stuff is so interesting you’ll find yourself clicking to thread after thread after thread till you forget what you originally were looking for- and you’ll find yourself buying something really neat which you didn’t even know existed :bigsmile: Happens to all of us.

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