Do Smaller Emitters Throw Better?

I was comparing my C8’s, and the ones with an XP-E and an unknown cheap emitter out-threw the ones that I think have XML ’s. Sorry if this is too elementary, is that why you put XP-E ’s in C8’s?

Any idea why they throw better? Do they match up with the reflector better, or is it just that the small size to begin with doesn’t get as big? Thanks

A smaller emitter vs a larger emitter in the same reflector, the smaller emitter will out throw the larger emitter. This is why you see lots of throw lights with really large reflectors

I think the throw depends on the intensity per area of the emitter. Xp-e emitters have much smaller area than xm-l, so even though xm-l have more lumens, they have less intensity over the emitting area.

it’s the angle that the light comes off the emitter

beam angle and surface brightness