Does the GITD body stop Rovyvon a5 UV?

i was just about to order the jetbeam mini 1SE(with glowing body) to replace my a5, but as the a5’s uv doesnt make banknotes glow i presume the mini 1se will be the same.

anyone know if the metal body *mini 1 *will be better as checking banknotes?


Just sharing what I’ve tested:

*I tested how well the UV light in these keychain lights work on our local currency (UV365 like from the Convoy S2+ Nichia UV365 LED will show nicely), but other UV frequencies or those with more visible white light will make them not work too well.

these are from what I remember (I probably should take some photos next time I compare them)…

1) Rovyvon Aurora A5U - the UV light doesn’t seem to be that useful, maybe due to the GITD body partially blocks the UV or it’s just not strong? Seems like the UV light is only good for making the GITD body glow

2) Nitecore TIKI - the UV light works OK, but doesn’t seem as good as the one from the Jetbeam Mini One

3) Nitecore TIKI GITD - this is the same light as the TIKI except it has GITD body, again this seems to “interfere” with the UV light, but performs slightly better than the one on the Rovyvon A5U (again my subjective perception, based on my testing the light against our local currency)

4) Jetbeam Mini One - the UV365 light on this unit seems to perform best out of these 4 keychain lights. The UV-reactive stuff on our local currency will stand out more than the above. But of course, it’s still far from what the Convoy S2+ (Nichia UV365) can do.

Thus I would rate the UV (testing on our local currency) effectiveness:
Jetbeam Mini One > Nitecore TIKI > Nitecore TIKI GITD > Rovyvon Aurora A5U

Glow-In-The-Dark (GITD) parts must be “charged” in order to emit visible light.
UV light seems to do the better job in that respect.

For checking banknotes you probably will need 365nm UV light to light up the “check-points”.
The exact intensity and wavelenght may differ per currency, per nomination and per country.
You can observe the “reactions” of the banknote better if there is a little as possible visible light.

In my book, GITD parts on a flashlight are obstructing a clear examination of the banknote.
That’s why I use a ZWB2 filter on all of my 365nm lights. To block visible light form the emitter.
I even go as far as replacing any GITD O-rings in the head of that light by black O-rings.

Sorry I can’t advise you the way you asked. I “build” all my UV lights myself (either swap or a host)

The UV light on the A5U is to “charge” the GITD body. So, the body blocks almost all UV light, not being good for other purposes.
The UV light on the A8U is to illuminate through the body. So, the body doesn’t block the UV light, being it good for other purposes.

Despite this, this is what you get from the A8U (without GITD body) if compared to a light with Nichia UV + ZWB filter:
(Initially posted in my review thread: “REVIEW”: RovyVon Aurora A8 UV – 350 Lumens – Nichia 219C – Keychain Light - #24 by MascaratumB)

This said, what I want to stress is that these lights (RovyVon, Jetbeam, …) that use side leds, are probably not the best if you want to check some bank notes!

Even the RovyVon E200u, with 3 UV-A/C leds on the side, is not good for that purpose! You can check it here:

thanks for the feedback.

i wasnt really to bothered bout uv but thought it would be cool to have

GITD looks cool but if i drop my keys it probably wont be charged enough anyway and i remember someone also saying rovyvon gitd body blocks uv so guessing gitd jetbem mini 1 is same.
ILL get the metal body jetbeam.

anyone know if theres a pocket clip for the mini 1?

Hum I can tell you one thing, that the Rovyvon A5U, which I use in my keychain, gets easily “charged” in the GITD function at least during the day. If I take it out of my pocket for 1 minute before using the keys when entering home, it will be enough to get charged.

As for the UV lights, in any of these, I don’t think they will be good for bank notes, but are usable for other things though :wink:
BTW, can you please link that jetbeam Mini 1 SE in GITD body? Couldn’t find it - :person_facepalming:

Thanks in advance :+1:

EDIT: Found it :stuck_out_tongue:

> i remember someone also saying rovyvon gitd body blocks uv so guessing gitd jetbem mini 1 is same.

Im guessing youre guessing wrong

i meant the non-gitd jetbeam…it has clear window on uv side.

I agree the Jetbeam SS has a clear window UV

I think the gitd jetbeam also has a clear window,
I hope someone confirms for you


let us know when you buy one :slight_smile:

got it yesterday, only 8 days from banggood.

no idea bout gitd as i got ss but uv is night and day compared to rovyvon.

grime and wee stains in my bathroom glow my pass prt sparkles nd notes show up.

the a5 uv is totally useless.

really plesed with this upgrade. rgb seem really bright aswell.

Yay! :slight_smile:
Merry Daze

update: I also ordered the Jetbeam Mini One SE (GITD luminous body) since it has a flash sale. Just received it and compared with the Jetbeam Mini One (SS body).

The Jetbeam Mini One SE’s GITD body sort of screws up the UV light — the GITD luminous body lights the body brightly, but the UV light just scatters and becomes almost similarly not useful as the Rovyvon A5U’s UV light due to the GITD body.


glad i got the ss now

very helpful, thanks for the first hand info


congrats! :slight_smile:

last night i activated my Jetbeam Mini One SE’s GITD body at 22:00 yesterday and this mornig at 5.00 it was still very bright.
This eveing i wil activate it 20:00 to see if it lasts even longer. but still 7 hours of glow is not bad.

Anywone know how long the glow of the Rovyvon & Tiki GITD last ?

That’s pretty remarkable that the GITD polycarbonate shell would remain “very bright” for that long. In my experience pretty much all GITD start out very bright and rather rapidly fade down. A very fast half-life. The trick of it is the lingering ambient glow. Some will keep a very modest but visible glow for a good 6 to 8 hours, while others will go totally cold within an hour or two.

Jetbeam is still making the Mini One with GITD carbonate body, as well as a steel body. But I’m surprised that after 3 years, there have been no updates. It still has that rather dull old rubber button switch that RovyVon first used about 6 years ago and now is appearing on all of the RovyVon Aurora A5/A8 clones you see on Amazon. Rovyvon stepped things up. There’s not only a larger battery now (330 mAh), but there’s a premium steel control button as well. The Mini One has a paltry 120 mAh battery.

The Mini One is about $20 USD. If you wait for coupon deals, you can at times get the Aurora A5 for around $30 USD. In my book that’s a much better value.