Does the large lumintop glow diffuser fit to the Sofirn IF25A?

Does someone have this diffuser and IF25A and could check if does it fit or is too small?

Not sure what you mean by the “large” diffuser - do you mean the one that fits the EDC18? If so the answer is “barely” - it’s way narrower than the the IF25A head but it’s stretchy so I was able to get it on.

But it doesn’t really fit.

Yes, I was asking about this one. I saw on Lumintop site that they have S, M, L and L was dedicated to EDC18. Thanks for reply, I need to find something other. I was hoping it will be fitting better because I haven’t seen better diffuser than this one.

Yes, it’s a nice diffuser, I got several for D4V2s, I just wish they were a little taller.

I like the stretchy silicone ones more than the hard plastic ones, but have you seen this It says it fits the IF25A

Here’s a picture of the Lumintop one on the IF25A… it does go on…

The picture doesn’t show that the top is much brighter than the sides, a wand-shaped diffuser would work much better.

Not sure why picture doesn’t show up… here’s the imgur link: Imgur: The magic of the Internet

Thanks for replies. This Olight diffuser will be hard to get in my country and from site in topic I would pay too much, it’s not worth. I will look for something other.

Are you able to check IF25A head diameter? I haven’t got mine yet but I’m looking for diffuser and I’m not sure if 35mm said by producer is true.

The head itself is 35mm, that’s the size of the “heat fins”, but the bezel itself is only 33mm
(I measured it correctly, just holding it awkwardly in one hand for photo)

Thanks man, I appreciate your help.