Dog Vomit Flashlights

No way to compete with that “hand”, I fold… :smiley: . :smiley:

this game could go on forever, looks like Tmart gotum all

This one is hard on the eyes…

Finally, the combination flashlight/cookie cutter I’ve always wanted! :heart_eyes:

There was one a couple of years ago that looked like a crack pipe. I need to find it.


I thought something like, dog vomited on favorite flashlight, it oxidized, how to save the color :smiley:

LOL…looks like a Romulan maraca.

Someone in China asked: “Can we make a bigger light using spare head of our smaller lights?”
And this is the result :smiley:


the winner [ugliest]

I’m sure I will get spanked by some but this is highly ugly for me:

That thing doesn’t even look real even though it is.
look’s like someone took a high pressure air chuck to the head and blew it up to like 600 psi.

Or a cheap hooker with cheap “enhancement”

I love that it's out-thrown by the Aspheric BLF GT someone made... and IIRC, they even sold it for a very similar price

How dare you. The TK76 is one of my favorite flashlight designs.

Here’s the post

That’s a serious build. Waiven collar and a black flat.

Honestly, it looks like it could be a hilarious flashlight to bring around muggles, especially with a few mods. I doubt it's easy to mod but would love to be told otherwise.