DQG 26650 Triple Generation II Pocket Light coming Soon

Thank you for taking input from the forums. When I bought the 1st gen 26650, I thought that the body tube was too thin or flimsy for the output. This light has grown on me over the months. So much that it is in the top three lights I use over and over. Waterproofing, copper PCB, glowing button are a nice additions. Thicker body tube for better heat mass. How about a quad XP-G2?

The feedback happens after the boost, so I think it should not have an effect on dropout voltage. Is that why you mentioned it?

Yes, I am not sure how in this case the feedback affects the circuit, it should at least have some sort of impact.


So does that mean there is going to be the optics, plus an additional lens on top? Wouldn’t that result in less lumen as it’s going through 2 lens?

I have just tried the Keeppower Protected 5200mAh 26650 in the Gen 1, and it fits.

The Keeppower measures ~71mm.

HKJ review: Test/Review of Keeppower 26650 5200mAh (Black) 2014

AR coating on optics lens

I’m getting on the list to purchase this one for sure.

I am assuming the front lens is there to stop the triple optics etc from falling out.

Ric says the triple optics themselves are AR coated, no additional lens.

Interesting. Never heard of it before in my limited blf experience!

I've seen ar-coated plastic lenses inside video-camera's, it will not last forever but it is a nice bonus feature :-)

Maybe Ric is having his friend at the lens factory coat the face of Carclo or Ledil (or some other major manufacturer).

Looks like this is going to be a very nice small pocket light.
I missed the first GB so I will be in on this light.

Thanks for doing this Ric

…and am in line for Gen II.

Hope it turns out to be a Group Buy!

Thank you, Ric.

Very very good light!

Will there be a Nichia 219 4500K High CRI Version available?
Should be fairly easy to make because the 219 are pin compatible with the XP-Gs?



What about the color temperature? will try to see if can source some back

Hmm that’s a very interesting proposal, a stock factory triple nichia light driven well!

hi ric,

Neutral White with 4500k would bei very nice with the nichia 219.

I know some guys that are also very interested in such a Light.

Rgds Alex

The newer 219b 92cri is more towards 5000K. It is a great tint, and the efficiency compared to a neutral white xpg2 is not bad at all (the older 219A was much worse).