DQG Slim XP-G2 (14250 expandable to 14500/AA and 2xAA)

Has anyone picked up one of these lights? I searched but the only discussion I found was CRX’s thread where he used a few of the extension tubes to build a custom light.

Product description copied from a vendor:

Product name: DQG Slim XP-G2 230LM 3Modes LED Mini LED Flashlight
Brand: DQG
Model: Slim
Emitter Type: XP-G2
Light color: Neutral white
Material: Titanium Alloy,Stainless Steel,Brass
Mode: High,Mid,Low
Lumens: 230LM,40LM,2.5LM (14500)
Runtime: 1h,6h,60h (14500)
Battery Configurations: 1 x AA/14500/14250/ 2x AA battery (not included)
Switch Type: Clicky
Switch Location: Tail of the flashlight
Max Output: 230lumens
Weight: Titanium Alloy: 15.7g
Brass: 26.2g
Stainless Steel: 24.5g
Size: 51.5mm x 16.8mm(length x body diameter)

Product description is a bit confusing, from what I’ve been able to find the light will only fit a 14250 in default configuration. Extension tubes in all three materials are available to expand the light to fit a single AA/14500, or you can stack two extension tubes for 2xAA. Extension tubes must be purchased separately.

The tail switch has a milled slot for a tritium vial. Does anyone know what size would be needed?

Looks like a nice little light for everyday. I’ve ordered one in brass with an extension tube. Would love to hear about this light from anyone who has one.

1.5x6mm tritium vial should fit.

I enjoy mine.

Confirming what CRX said, a 1.5 x 6mm trit does fit.

With the standard tube, primary 14250’s fit fine but the rechargeable 14250’s I have were about 1mm long. The result is a slight gap at tail cap-body junction. However as the body does not have anodizing or any sort of non-conductive coating the tail cap doesn’t have to be fully seated to make contact and work/light. Of course this also means you don’t have a simple uncrew to lock out.

With the additional extension tube, only 1 is required, an AA/14500 size batter can be used. Here the fit is a little more forgiving and the several brands of 14500’s I have all fit well with no gap. Presumeably additional extension tubes (in multiples of 2) could probably be added for additional AA cells but remember the stock driver is only rated for 1x14500.

The LED has a nice 5000k’ish neutral with no objectionable tint whatsoever! It uses an optic that produces a nice balanced throw w/spill. On max the light out throws it’s size.

It’s currently in my pocket EDC rotation often bumping out my NC TIP for throw. The one improvement I could see would be a little knurling to make it less slippery but nothing a little grip tape doesn’t correct.

Edit -
I neglected to mention one other idiosyncracy that is annoying, the light has “next mode memory” rather than the more conventional “last mode memory”. Can be annoying if turn on the light expecting it to turn on in the same mode as when you turned it off. I would sooner have starting from low each time than next mode memory but as far as I know it’s not an option.

My other EDC rotation light, the NC TIP is probably my favorite UI for direct mode access and levels, etc.

I wonder what 14250 cells you have that are too long?
These are decent, measuring nearly exactly 25mm.
Yeah it was the lack of knurling that eventually dissuaded me from buying the original light and making my own.

Those AliB cells look good, cheaper and rated 7% more capacity than the ones I have.

Here’re the ones I have from CountryComm, which don’t specify but I measured to be 26.14mm -

Looking into the head you can see the contact point in the center, it is actually below surface rather than raised, so a button top (or solder blob) will be required to make contact.


I will get mine on Monday (Ti version), and make a short review!

Thanks pc_light for the information on how it works! I’ve just read the “next mode memory” part in your post :person_facepalming: :person_facepalming: :person_facepalming:

BUT, that won’t probably be an issue, as I intend to mod it and give it a new driver :smiley:

BTW, CRX, it is probable that I will bother about this, considering this post :wink:

MascaratumB, sounds good. I have the Ti version as well.

FWIW, the driver diameter appears to be 14-15mm. I have no idea about driver height but know that DQG builds ’em small and tight.

Looking forward to your mod details :partying_face:

After seeing the Ti, Brass and SS version, I opted to get the TI! I hope I don’t regret :wink:

Well, I thought it would be that diameter! I will check it tomorrow and the I’ll order the driver from MTN, probably! It will take a while to get it modded, but I’ll post it when it’s done :wink:

Thanks and I hope you enjoy your light :sunglasses:

My review of this light is here: “REVIEW”: DQG Slim Ti (1/2 AA and other batteries) ***[DISCOUNT CODE ADDED - 05/22/2018]*** :beer:

BTW…I only modded the tailswitch, the GITD tape and the TIR lens. I don’t see many possibilities to mod the driver/LED as I explain on the review!
Maybe other members here can make some magic stuff with that :smiley: