Driver comparison resources? (7135 vs FETs, etc)


Does anyone have a good link describing the differences in drivers between these flashlights?

i.e. the Convoy offers 7135x4/6/8, and I’ve seen other FET drivers.

Where would you say the sweet spot is for 1x18650 batteries? It sounds like on the more compact models, 4 or 6 of the 7135 drivers is about right (1.4-2A of current), while the 8 drivers gets quite hot. On bigger flashlights with improved cooling I’m guessing x8 wouldn’t be as much of an issue

I know the Astrolux S1 uses a crazy A17DD-L FET+1 Driver which seems to be super high power.

I’d be looking to power a light for general use / camping, so runtime is pretty important to me as well, but I obviously want to take advantage of using good li-ion batteries with better currents of course.

This thread here may help.