Driver giveaway: Constant current 17mm drivers, winners (finally) announced, post #2.

I’ve re-read the part of the first posts that shows the difference between high side and low side regulation.
I am thinking about DTP boards for LEDs that lack a dedicated thermal pad like E21A.

I have a regular flashlight on my mind, one that passes Batt- through the body.

Am I correct to think that with a high-side regulator it is safe to shorten the LED- pad to the body, effectively making one of the LED pads DTP?

Similarly with a reverse battery direction (positive at the tailcap, passing positive through the body) and low-side regulator it would be possible to shorten the LED+ to the body? (Which would be better for LEDs like typical 3030 which have much larger cathode).

I see that I’m not the first with this idea:

But maybe nowadays with these regulators such setup makes more sense?