Driver help/clarification for reviews

I’m reviewing the Brinyte HL16 and I’m confused by the 1lumen review mentioning that the driver is constant current. If it’s constant current why is there no regulation when looking at the runtime graph?

Does constant current not insure flat regulation? If a driver is constant current then it should maintain X output, yes?

I reviewed the Convoy H2 and mistook the flat regulation on a Linear driver to be a Buck driver. If a Linear driver can offer perfect regulation, then what’s so good about a Buck driver? I had always thought it offered the flat regulation on a 3v LED like you get on a 6/12V Boost driver.

Man, I need a bit of educating I think, it’s all a bit confusing.

Edit: need help with PWM as well. Does constant current drivers stop PWM? I’m guessing not when the HL16 has it an it’s said to be CC

I believe this is what you’re looking for: Understanding the difference between Linear, Buck, Boost and Direct Drive drivers

Just google ” voltage regulator types,

Just a laymans speculation, but can the stepdown be thermally dependant?

That is what Nick wrote in his review that he was unsure whether it was dependent on voltage or thermal. Even low is acting like it’s unregulated, but it must have some regulation since it drops out near the end. Maybe it’s on purpose for such a small cell to last longer. Could be what Nick suggested that it’s coded to reduce little by little based on the voltage

Appreciate the info

Thank you. I had already read through that a few times, I had it bookmarked from a couple years ago. I was just confused by the Brinyte HL16, but not so much now