Drop.com $20 off - Lumintop Copper/Brass Tool for $10 - Discount not available as of 12/10/19

Any reason why they have given you a refund instead of shipping the item back? I ordered the nichia and haven’t received it yet.

So, you got a refund and kept the light?

One of the advantages of being outside the USA. Drop considers the shipping too costly so customer gets a freebie. In USA, it’s a different story… we get a swap.

Makes sense. I doubt the swapped light will arrive before Christmas. I wish I could just buy a nichia drop in for it.

It should! They are shipping from NJ.

I also ordered the Nichia version but unfortunately I received the Cree version. I contacted Drop customer service and they said they had limited inventory of the Nichia and asked me to provide a shipping address so they could start an exchange. I sent them my address and then they responded that they no longer had any inventory of the Nichia. Very frustrating…

Mine finally arrived. Literally sat in a warehouse 15 minutes from my house for a week and now apparently it’s too late for an exchange. Really pretty frustrating, but I guess for the price I can live with the screw up.

What I don’t get is that it’s clearly marked Cree. So when these are opened up are the items as marked?, or has anyone opened one marked Cree and found it’s actually Nichia or vice versa? Also thinking about gifting this light so don’t want to open it if I did receive the wrong emitter.

If it’s clearly marked Cree in the packing and the light is actually Cree, how did the “mix-up actually happen?

ALERT: I realized I had a spare email account I could use for this, so I signed up. Got the $20 off coupon. There’s an asterisk… I check it. Coupon requires a purchase of a product over $50 now. Raised up from the prior $30. I guess too many people were taking advantage of it. Oh well…

Btw, if you select an item less than $50, you can increase quantity until you’re over $50 to qualify for applying the $20 coupon.

Oh that sucks. Well it was good while it lasted. Glad that a lot of us were able to use the promo when it was active!

Thanks for sharing. I will update the OP with your comment…

Yeah, I was able to order 2 lights earlier, one copper and one titanium. I wasn’t going to get any more, actually — had my eye on something else from Massdrop brand. Btw, I should clarify, that the “more than one item” is only quantity. I can’t see any way to “add to cart.” Each item is treated as an order, with the option to increase quantity.

I also got a Cree instead of a Nichia version yesterday. This is my first copper torch, so I’m going to keep it. I will probably just apply a Lee filter to the lens to warm the tint. I already swapped the inadequate stock clip with one from a Streamlight Stylus Pro, so now the torch rides deep in my pocket.

cyclops, thank you for the heads up on this deal!

Ordered Cu Tool aaa w Nichia

received XP-G3 after 21 days
the return address says
CVG Returns
Hebron KY

that was never one of the locations given by tracking

inserted a partly depleted Eneloop pro at 1.22 volts

.5 lumens max on start, for all 3 modes

after 10 minutes low is 3.8 lumens, medium 31.6 lumens, and 40 lumens maximum

after 20 minutes low is 3.8 lumens, medium 31.6 lumens, and 70 lumens max

after 30 minutes low is 3.8 lumens, medium 31.6 lumens, and 77 lumens max

I wonder if my eneloop is too discharged
inserted a partly depleted eneloop @ 1.29v
produced 102 lumens max

after 40 minutes 112 lumens max

end test…


lumen specs


• Low mode: 5 lumens

• Medium mode: 32 lumens

• High mode: 110 lumens

tint observations
typical XP-G3 yellow/green corona around the hotspot
negative R9 CRI makes red things look brown
Cool White, guesstimating 6000k, looks greenish blue compared to my pink sw45k

it takes 40 minutes to charge up the SuperCap so it can fire maximum mode
at 1.22v there is not enough power to exceed 80 lumens max
at 1.29v there is enough power to achieve 112 lumen max

Received my order today, a Nichia Cu. The package is 2km away from my location now.
Will see if I’m lucky with my Nichia order or receive a CREE.

My replacement Cu AAA Drop flashlight finally arrived. Yes, it is Nichia now! Gorgeous warm tint. I am so happy I went through the return process. For a close task light such as this, I abhor cool white tint. Warm feels so natural. It’s well worth sacrificing some lumens to get it.

Mine is a joke…

Shipped 20th Nov. Contacted Drop CS these 2 days. Told me my parcel lost in transit while many of you guys received yours. Offered me a full refund.

According to PostNL tracking, my parcel was Pre-Advised by Drop to PostNL. It was NEVER SHIP at all.

What a JOKE for coming Christmas…

You had time to get the light, return it and get the other one back ? I didn’t even receive my mixed up light yet :frowning:

well guys
remember this was a $10 deal
it did not work out, and you can get a refund

I will try not to act too indignant that drop screwed up the order.
After all, what did I expect, for $10?
(after creating an extra email account)

I agree it is unfortunate that it took 22 days for me to receive my light
I got a Cree LED, when I actually ordered a Nichia

I got a letter saying :
For the error, we are providing you with a $10 Drop credit. If you would like to return the flashlight to us instead, we can issue a prepaid return label so you can return it to us for a full refund and you keep the $10 credit.

They are not offering me a replacement option like a couple of the people here have received… oh well…

bottom line
yes, it was a good deal
yes, I now have an extra copper host
no, it did not arrive promptly
no, I did not receive the LED I ordered

anyway, I plan to mod the LED
yesterday I failed to extract the pill, it would not unscrew
I will have to resort to heat, when I feel motivated

Felt a bit reluctant to create another email account and get the NEW customer
Discount on the cute Tool. Felt like I was hoodwinking ’em somehow.

So, if anyone who got a Tool and are unhappy with your $10 purchase, I am willing
To take it off your hands. To buy it.

HMU, soon. Nichia. Or Cree.

Thanks, Stark.

Hmmm. :nerd_face: My copper one was moderately glued. I’ve found Lumintop varies with the amount of glue they use, two of EDC01 was notoriously difficult to open. I had good results with soaking it in isopropyl alcohol to loosen it up a bit.

I ordered mine fairly early after the alert on the deal. It took a couple weeks to get my light. Then I had to send it back & waited about 5 days (to get to the UPS store). They received it a few days later. So, it wasn’t all that fast in the grand scheme. But, the c/s rep Brett was very attentive and communicative. I was very impressed with the level of support.

Btw, while I was waiting for status of the return receipt, I went on-line and then noticed the Nichia version was now “Ended.” I was worried so I wrote to Brett, who then told me they had kept some for dealing in customer service issues, like the mix-up, so that’s how I got mine. Seems it was one of those “by the skin of my teeth” scenarios. It’s a really terrific light, even at $30.