Dual output drivers? eg, main 219c and side 365nm led

Hi all, basically, am trying to stuff a 365nm nichia LED into a quad light, for that would need a driver that is capable of powering 4.2v to the first and second LED sets with different modes and the ability to change between them, eg, like a sunwayman c20c, which can output either its main xml2 or side red xpg2

Does such a driver exist out there? Or is pulling drivers from those lights currently the only way? The closest i could find would be the multi colored xml driver, but its only at 700mah and does not have H,M,L output, might probably be able to stack 7135s but will be stuck on high all the time


Before you go any further, know that UV light is blocked by most quad optics.

Indeed, 365nm is not gonna work through acrylic / PMMA optics.
Besides, you want to use one of them dark filters to block the visible light from the UV LED.

I.m.o. the best way for a 365nm UV LED is a 1xAA or 1xAAA light with a boost driver that doesn’t push more than 550mA.
Because on a Li-ion battery with normal 7135 driver the fun is over soon when the Voltage gets lower, (UV LEDs have a rather high Vf).

2 cents…

See this post and then I updated the light a few days later with a better-for-the-purpose driver in this post (still functioned the same, just needed less hacking on)

@bmengineer & jerommel
Yeah i realised that happens to a lot of plastics when i tried to swap my c20c with a nichia 365nm, i had to try various materials until i found one that allows it through

Will probaby drill a hole in the quad optic so that the LED can poke through, will be using a 3mm 365nm LED this time…

Interesting! I didn’t know you could do it like this, so basically from that post, you took a 105c with the a6 firmware and, pasted tape to insulate a 7135 from the board (essentially floating on top) and soldered a wire to the pin 5 and the other pin directly to the secondary LED, so its using that single 7135 in moonlight/low mode?

It’s not just moonlight / low, with BLF-A6 FW you can choose which modes are which channel (and they dont have to go in order, like it doesn’t have to be the first 2 modes on the single channel, you can do it however you want).

You’ve inspired me, this is for my white / UV build, I’ve had this plan for a long time you’ve just gave me the push I needed to do it!

Here’s the FW it’ll be running (have all parts minus triple MCPCB, which is èn route from Mtn)

Again the driver is simply a moonlight special driver board with one tiny square of kapton tape to isolate the secondary channel output leg. I will post the modified FW asap once the light is built (this week for sure) and running so I can verify it works IRL.

Note I’ve stacked one additional 7135 on the secondary channel so the UV emitter will be driven at 700mA.

Whoa, this is cool! Did you glue a little reflector in place of that one optic cone? or am I seeing things? If its a reflector, where’d you get it?

It’s a reflector from the light the BLF348 came from, maybe branded singfire, but I sanded ~3-5mm off the front (I wasnt thinking and didn’t stop to take pre-sanding measurements). I also filed flats on two sides to meet up with the 2 remaining optic cones for clearance reasons.

Plan is to glue it to the TIR but not till the MCPCB gets here and I reflow the led’s so I can verify proper spacing.

Hey thanks man! You even created a video about this haha.

I’ve got a spare FET+7135 a6 driver now, will try out your method to see if I can get mine to work… Will be placing an order for some new drivers to test my build, may make a detailed build tutorial as well once it arrives

Will update here once all my parts are here for the result of the build…

Pilotdog68 has some driver PCBs you can use to accomplish this. Pair them with firmware of your choice.