EAGLE EYE X6 XPL HI V21A 1200lunens LED flashlight Free shipping $22.13

Easy guys. EE is trying. If there is no copper and copper is wanted then all that is needed is to tell them that DTP copper is required. I am sure that EE will try and cooperate. All he has done is leave out Banggood and come here directly. There is room for everybody to make flashlights for us the way we want them to be made

Added edit:

If "BLF" was not on the tube and light was named "Special Edition" then it could also be advertised on the "other" forum but they too will only want with DTP copper for the emitter. The only other issue is Aliexpress. Many will buy from Aliexpress because they cannot use PayPal. If a vendor is chosen (hopefully Banggood because they do help sales) then there should be only one vendor to avoid counterfeit "EE Special Edition" lights like we saw in the past.

Eagle Eye logo is more then enough, you don't have to rely BLF logo to sell this light. Specs speak louder than words.

This circuit has joined temperature protection,also adopted the high thermal conductive substrate,I’ve tested a lot of samples,no problem

So that is DTP but aluminum instead of copper...correct? (Just so others understand)

… a sample to a valued member will increase sales :wink:

I assume not, but there are boards out there that are not DTP but do perform better than others. I tested a non-DTP board (the base was copper, but in my opinion that was not crucial for the performance) in a comparison test of six ledboards, that performed surprisingly well, at 3.5A the light output was only 2% less than the DTP-boards, only over 5A it really began to perform less than the DTP-boards. link

For example, if the traces on the ledboard are of higher thickness copper and close to the led they widen into a 'poor' over the board surface (this one could be that way), the heat can go sideways and cross the dielectric layer over a large surface, thus helping the shedding of the heat in a different way than a DTP does.

In practice, some of the BLF-dogma's appear to be more nuanced than we think.

I’d only be willing to buy one if I could pay with PayPal.

And, it really has to have the DTP Copper MCPCB.

The XP-L HI is what I am wanting for this light!


If you are not rest assured on aluminum substrate,I can use copper substrate,welcome to discuss

The role of the two screws is to stop running,if lock the substrate,it will be an affect on center positioning,that it is not reasonable.

EE has some fairly good deals on their site. I nicely built C8 for 13.99. I would like to see some more lights with XPL-HI in them. Only because I have many of these already!

Thanks Again EE

Aluminum substrate is fine. What people are asking for is Direct Thermal Path. The center pad on the LED is the thermal pad. The corresponding thermal pad on the MCPCB needs to be able to conduct heat away effectively from the LED. A Direct Thermal Path MCPCB has no dialectric layer under the thermal pad. It has direct contact from the aluminum or copper substrate to the LED thermal pad. The LED+ and LED- pads have dialectric under them to insulate them electrically from the metal substrate. It is only the thermal pad which is better to not be insulated.

keith, I haven’t done this, but from reading about others doing so, it appears that it’s quite easy to do, if you’ve got a steady hand and decent soldering skills. You will need a spacer, though, since the quad optic is shorter in length than the original reflector. Nitro was selling copper spacers for a while, but I’m not sure what the current status is. You can ask DB Custom in a PM. He might be able to tell you what is currently available.

Aluminum MCPCB can be ok if it’s DTP. The important part is the Direct Thermal Path (DTP). The mcpcb in your picture does not appear to be DTP.

Here is a picture that might help better then words.

Might be able to make the spacer myself, soon. Gotta level the lathe and start playing with SOMETHING, a simple spacer should be a nice project. :slight_smile:

SinkPAD makes a DTP Al mcpcb, so this Could have DTP, which may not be a bad thing. The instant access to strobe might could be changed to instant Turbo access? Sounds pretty cool to me.

Glad to see EE here making the effort.

BUT, as has been said… BLF Special Edition means quite a few members of BLF saw to it that it was indeed special, it’s not just a name.

But the mcpcb in EE’s picture appears to be non-DTP. If you enlarge the picture you can see the outline of three copper traces, positive, negative and a center copper pour which is found on non-DTP mcpcbs to spread the heat from the center thermal pad out horizontally, giving it more area to help get through the dielectric layer.

Free shipping? WOW!!!

1. How fast it has to be the double tap in order to trigger strobe?
2. Will it be available in neutral tint?
3. Would it be possible, if many prospect buyers ask so, to have it withOUT strobe?

Thank you for taking the time to consider our requests.

its always you with the shipping problems… :stuck_out_tongue:


Hi Shenzhen Jin Lang Electronic Technology, constant current circuit means there is no PWM at all? And is there warm white or neutral white tint option?

-constant current circuit